Tanya Taylor Takes Part in “What’s Inside Your Closet?” Episode 2

# Exploring Tanya Taylor’s Iconic Handbag Collection with Saks Fifth Avenue

Join us as we delve into the world of fashion and style with world-renowned designer, Tanya Taylor. At Saks Fifth Avenue, we had the pleasure of having a candid conversation with Tanya about her curated handbag collection – from her earliest memories of bidding on eBay for the perfect Fendi bag to her recent purchases at the CFDA+vogue fashion fund.

Tanya’s collection is nothing short of colorful, eclectic, and meaningful. With her unique sense of style, Tanya uses her handbags to punctuate her looks and make a statement. Her collection includes bags of different textures and colors that bring out the best in her outfits, whether she’s wearing our own designs or not.

From a playful Chanel bag with tiny spoons and forks, to an old Bottega bag with a story, Tanya’s collection is curated over a lifetime and represents distinct moments in her life. Each bag is unique and tells a tale that she can’t wait to tell whenever she carries them.

As Tanya says, “I’ve never thrown out a bag, so I have all the bags I’ve ever owned. They’re like art to me – a part of my life that I never want to let go of.”

Watch the video above to see Tanya Taylor’s incredible handbag collection and get some inspiration for your next fashion statement.

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We met up with designer, Tanya Taylor, to explore and chat about her personal curated iconic handbag collection. #WhatsInYourCloset #OnlyatSaks #SaksStyleTanya Taylor

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