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**Title:** Tips for Assistive Devices, Transfers, and Positioning in Rehabilitation


Are you looking for effective techniques for using assistive devices and performing transfers in a rehabilitation setting? In this informative video from the Service of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Communication Unit of the Hospital de Urgencia Asistencia Pública, experts demonstrate common techniques such as side lying positioning, supine to sitting transfers, wheelchair transfers, and more.

With the aim of providing better education to patients and their families, this video showcases the latest techniques and how to use them correctly to prevent complications. Join Dr. Carolina Rivera, Dr. Mario Reyes, and the team of kinesiologists as they guide you through step-by-step demonstrations and offer invaluable tips for optimal device usage.

– 01:07 Side lying positioning and bed transfers
– 02:04 Supine to sitting transfers on the edge of the bed
– 04:41 Wheelchair transfers from the edge of the bed
– 04:34 Usage of pressure-relieving mattresses for bedridden patients
– 07:06 Utilizing a cane for walking support
– 08:38 Walking assistance with a walker
– 10:00 Cushion options for wheelchair users

Please note that this video is a production of the Service of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Communication Unit of the Hospital de Urgencia Asistencia Pública (HUAP) in Santiago, Chile. It features experts such as Dr. Carolina Rivera, Dr. Mario Reyes, Matías Riderell (Kinesiologist), and Cinthia Poveda (Kinesiologist). The visual elements were brought to life by Nicolás Sepúlveda P., creating a comprehensive resource for rehabilitation education.

For more information on rehabilitation services and resources at HUAP, visit the [HUAP Rehabilitation Services]( website.

Check out the full transcript, complete with helpful timestamps, for easy reference and enhanced understanding.

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Remember, proper rehabilitation techniques can make a significant difference in the lives of patients, promoting independence and overall well-being. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts in the field. Watch the video now!

– [HUAP Rehabilitation Services](

01:07 Giros en cama y posicionamiento acostado de lado (decúbito lateral)
02:04 Transferencia de acostado en cama (supino) a sentado en borde de cama
04:41 Transferencia desde sentado en borde de cama a la silla de ruedas
04:34 Uso de colchón antiescaras para pacientes postrados
07:06 Uso de bastón para apoyar la marcha
08:38 Uso de andador para apoyar la marcha
10:00 Uso de cójín antiescaras para la silla de ruedas

Video producido por:
Servicio de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación
Unidad de Comunicaciones
Hospital de Urgencia Asistencia Pública
HUAP (ex-Posta Central)
Santiago, Chile.

Dra. Carolina Rivera
Dr. Mario Reyes
Matías Riderell, Kinesiólogo
Cinthia Poveda, Kinesióloga
Realización Audiovisual: Nicolás Sepúlveda P.
Carolina Sepúlveda

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