Terrarium Care Guide: Optimal Moss Varieties and Maintenance Tips

# The Best Types of Moss For Terrariums & How To Care For Them

If you love the beauty and satisfaction of healthy moss in a terrarium, then this video is for you! In this video, I’ll be sharing eight different types of moss that are perfect for terrariums. I’ll also provide care instructions for each type, so you can keep your moss thriving and looking its best.

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**Video Transcript**
*I’ve said many times in the past that it is absolutely possible to create a terrarium without using moss but let’s face it moss really does take a terrarium up a few levels in this video i’ll be sharing eight of my favorite species with you explaining where you can buy each one and showing You how i prepare and use them for use in a terrarium before we get started there are a few things to note and instead of mentioning them on each section i’ll mention them now firstly i’m not an expert on moss and all the knowledge i have is through Experimenting in my own terrariums the first point i’d like to make is that moss needs light while many mosses grow underneath trees and in woodlands in lower light conditions they will still receive light for at least a portion of the day for my terrariums at home i use Simple warm white led bulbs or like the ones behind me these are just warm white under counter strip lights i’ll link both types in the description below all mosses have different watering requirements but one thing is for sure is that they will not appreciate being watered with hard tap water so it’s best To use bottled distilled deionized filtered or reverse osmosis water now my preference is to use filtered water as it’s most convenient for me my epic water filter has replaced my brita and i could not be happier with it if you’d like one for yourself and i highly Recommend it as it’s the most practical and cost-effective method of watering your terrarium then you can hit the link in my description and get yourself 20 off and just so you’re aware i will receive a small commission for this so the last point before we start is that I’ve grouped the mosses in this video into two categories category one are the terrestrial mosses and category two are the aquatic kinds the terrestrial species grow on land and all the species on this list except the lukovium glorcum can be purchased directly from moss cliffs who have a worldwide distribution Network so if you’d like to get some of these muscles for yourself you can head straight to their website so the aquatic species are a good option if you’re unable to get the terrestrial kinds for whatever reason the aquarium hobby is far more established than the terrarium hobby so These mosses are more readily available right let’s get started on this list moss number one dicronym scoparium mood moss this is one of the most simple kinds of moss to use because it comes very clean it’s easy to plant holds its color for a long time and requires little preparation before use Before using this moss i like to give it a soak in some filtered water first to get it to an optimum level of moisture i squeeze out any excess and it’s ready for planting because it comes in larger pieces it’s a good kind to use in bigger terrariums as It covers a large amount of space quite quickly though it is great for small terrariums too for this i cut it into smaller pieces like this and trim it down so it fits nicely on top of the substrate once it’s in the terrarium i carefully maintain the level of moisture by using A spray bottle on the mist setting it will respond well to being kept slightly moist and not saturated moss number two dicranomarges greater fork moss in my opinion this is the best looking moss on this list and i like it because it adds height and texture to a terrarium Like dicranom scoparium this mask comes in rather clean and needs very little doing to it before planting i make sure to pull out any larger pieces of debris and trim it down to size this moss is a little more delicate than dicranom scoparium so i don’t dunk and squeeze it Instead i lightly spray it with filtered water before planting and maintain it in the same way while it’s in the terrarium a few sprays on the finest mist setting is all it needs and you certainly don’t want to drown it but equally don’t let it dry out Because it’s the taller species i tend to use it as a background plant in smaller terrariums but in a larger build it will sit nicely anywhere Moss number three lukobrium glorcum bun or pincushion moss so lukovium glorcum has been the stalwart of my terrariums over the past two years and seriously this is probably the best species for use in a terrarium it rarely causes me trouble and given the right environment which is airy humid not too Warm and under good light it will thrive you can also tolerate a fair degree of neglect so i don’t recommend you do this i’ve had pieces left out in the open for weeks and within a few hours of rehydrating they turn a vibrant green again i prepare this in a similar way to Diaphragm scoparium in that i clean off any debris dunk it in filtered water give it a good squeeze so the air bubbles come out remove it from the water squeeze the excess out so it’s not saturated now it’s ready for planting i use this species in terrariums of all sizes Once it’s cleaned and prepared for planting trim off any of the white stems if you need to make it fit you can take it right up to the green leaves but it can be easier to plant it with a little bit of the stem left on it just helps keep the moss together In time the moss really fluffs out and becomes spongy which i find incredibly satisfying le cobrin glorcum is such a reliable species and if i could only choose one kind of moss to use in a terrarium it would be this one moss number four polytrichum formosum or bank haircut Moss so i don’t have great experience with this moss and i’m still in the experimental stage with it but it is extremely beautiful and in this moss terrarium it seems to be thriving i’ve noticed that it does occasionally brown at the ends and when that happens I just cut those pieces out and replace them i’m not sure why it does this but on a few occasions i sprayed it with…*

The Best Types of Moss For Terrariums & How To Care For Them

If there is anything more satisfying and wholesome than healthy moss I’m not aware of it. In this video I’ll show you 8 kinds of moss that work in a terrarium along with care instructions for each one.

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  1. I have a bioactive boa enclosure and the approach I took was grabbing a bunch of what I think is common feathermoss from my local park and stuck it in various places around the enclosure. Where it dies I will remove it. Where it lives I will water it. I just wish I had more types available but there seems to be very little in my area.

  2. thanks.

    I'm having a hard time finding a type of moss to grow as companion with potted plants. I tried many types but no success.
    any advice here? thanks

  3. The best type of lights for mosses thats tried and true in the terrarium and dartfrog hobby are cold very bright white lights. Warmer lights does not encourage growth as much

  4. I know we are told to not harvest wild moss. But, my apartment manager said that the landscape company is going to kill the moss on the property. Since the plan is to kill it, can I ethically harvest some?

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