Testemunho de Julia Roitfeld sobre a coleção de Cris Barros para Riachuelo

**Welcome to Brazil!**
Julia Weston Whitefield takes us on her exciting journey to shoot the Chris Barros and Joshua campaign in São Paulo. Join Julia as she explores the captivating Closet On Line collection, featuring trendy yet casual pieces with a touch of rock and roll. From shiny black leather pants to alluring lace shirts, she highlights her favorite pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night.

In this video, Julia expresses her love for the cozy and cute fur designs that add a sexy flair to any outfit. Working with the incredible photographer, Jack, was a pleasure. His quick, fun, and professional approach made the shoot an unforgettable experience. Throughout the trip, Julia was amazed by the warm and welcoming nature of the people she encountered in São Paulo.

Although her time in São Paulo was unfortunately short, Julia looks forward to returning in the future. Don’t miss her final moments on this Brazil adventure.

Check out the full video to get an exclusive glimpse into the Chris Barros and Joshua campaign, as well as Julia’s fabulous experience in São Paulo. *Bye bye!*

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