The art of storytelling with Casablanca, Bode and Marine Serre

This weekend, the Paris fashion scene was alive with creative energy as several fashion houses presented their collections for the Men’s Week. Casablanca presented a luxurious collection for jet-set enthusiasts, accompanied by a speech from designer Charaf Tajer in favor of peace and youth. He urged the audience to see refugees as human beings without hierarchy or discrimination, and encouraged them to use their voices to spread an important message.

Emily Adams Bode also presented her collection at the Châtelet theatre, where she celebrated the launch of her feminine line inspired by her mother’s family. The New York designer has a passion for old fabrics, which she collects and reuses to make unique pieces with a story and emotional character. Her collection featured fringed leather cowboy jackets, comfortable velvet suits, dressing gown jackets, and embroidered denim outfits.

Finally, Marine Serre invited 1,000 people from her community to attend her show at the Grande Halle de la Villette. The French designer imagined a rave party with a nocturnal fauna wearing balaclavas and bonnets. Her collection featured clothing made from recycled materials, such as white cotton tablecloths and pillowcases, faded and worn denim, and black and white leather.

This weekend’s fashion shows in Paris were a celebration of creativity and storytelling, with designers using their platform to spread important messages and create unique pieces that tell a story.

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Written by Steve Barth

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