The Complete Process of Crafting a Neriage Yunomi Teacup in Studio Pottery

# How to Make a Yunomi Using the Neriage Technique | Saori M. Stoneware

If you’re fascinated by the artistry and history of traditional Japanese pottery, you’ll love this video tutorial on how to make a Yunomi – a beautiful Japanese mug without a handle. In this video, expert potter and ceramic artist Saori shows you how to use the Neriage technique to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind teacup.

[![How to Make a Yunomi Using the Neriage Technique](](

## Making a Yunomi with Saori M. Stoneware

Saori takes you through the entire process of creating a Yunomi, from coloring the clay to trimming and firing the finished product. She demonstrates each step with clear instructions and helpful tips, making this video perfect for both beginners and experienced potters alike.

Throughout the video, Saori uses the wheel throwing technique to shape the clay. She also discusses the importance of choosing the right type of porcelain and glaze, and how to apply the Neriage technique to get a beautiful marbled effect on your teacup.

Saori’s expertise in pottery gives the viewer a unique insight into the art form, showing you what goes into each step of the process that you may not have thought about before. Whether you’re a tea lover or pottery enthusiast, this video has something to offer.

## Shop the Works Created in This Video

If you’re interested in purchasing a Yunomi like the ones created in this video, head over to the Saori M. Stoneware online store to browse their selection. [Click here]( to shop now.

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To stay updated on Saori’s latest pottery creations and tutorials, follow her on Instagram [@saorimstoneware]( For more information about Saori M. Stoneware and their unique pottery creations, visit their [website](

## Music

The music used in this video is by the artist Paper Planes. For more of their music, [click here](

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## Transcript

**Saori:** Hello everyone! This time I’ll show you the whole process. Let’s start by coloring the clay with Mason stains.

**Video cuts to Saori shaping the clay on the potter’s wheel.**

Saori: Then I’ll show you the forming and trimming. Let’s get started.

**Saori leans in close to the camera and accidentally hits her head. The video cuts to another angle.**

Saori: If it does not meet the standard, it has to be done again. Wheel throwing is finished. Let’s try it out and see how it stacks up. At this point, I can stack about three. I’m trying my best to load as much as possible.

**Video cuts to the fired teacups.**

Saori: After firing, about two was a stable number. Thank you for watching!

This video shows how to make Yunomi (a Japanese mug without a handle) using the Neriage technique of ceramic art.

The works created in this video can be shopped on this page.

Website/Online store:

Music by: Paper Planes (

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