The Complete Process of Creating Marbled Mugs

**Title: Making a Green and White Neriage (Agateware/Marbling) Mug – Pottery Process**


Welcome to my pottery channel! In this video, I will be showing you the process of creating a beautiful Neriage (Agateware/Marbling) mug using green and white porcelain clay. Although I’m still new to making videos, I couldn’t capture the trimming process in this one. But don’t worry, it will be featured in my next video!

Here’s a breakdown of the chapters in this video:
– 00:00 Throwing: Watch as I shape the clay on the pottery wheel.
– 00:29 Attach a Handle: Learn how I add a handle to the mug for functionality and aesthetics.
– 00:48 Glazing with a Brush: Discover the techniques I use to glaze the mug using a brush.
– 01:10 Loading to Firing: Follow along as I load the mug into the kiln for firing.
– 01:22 Unloading: Witness the final step as I unveil the finished mug from the kiln.

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Thank you for watching! Here is a video of making a Neriage (Agateware/ Marbling) mug in green and white porcelain clay. I am not used to making videos yet, so I could not capture the trimming process, so please look forward to the next one.

The mugs made here are available on my Etsy shop and IndieMe wholesale catalog: (SaoriMS2210 for visitor pass)


00:00 Throwing
00:29 Attach a Handle
00:48 Glazing with a Brush
01:10 Loading to Firing
01:22 Unloading

You can purchase this item from my website.
Website/Online store:

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