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Have you ever wondered how a fashion blog manages to stay relevant and successful for over a decade? Look no further as Camila Coutinho, the founder of O Garotas Estúpidas, spills the secrets in this captivating video.

With humble beginnings 13 years ago, O Garotas Estúpidas quickly became Brazil’s first and foremost fashion blog. Camila recounts the challenges and joys of navigating the ever-evolving world of the internet, where trends come and go at lightning speed. In a landscape where new players constantly emerge, staying ahead of the game requires relentless dedication and staying in tune with the latest happenings. As Camila herself puts it, “You have to be connected and always aware of what is going on around you.”

One key lesson Camila has learned from her profession is the importance of human connection. At its core, O Garotas Estúpidas is about people and their shared experiences. We all face similar problems and desires, albeit in different proportions. By maintaining sensitivity and empathy, Camila believes that true understanding and success can be achieved.

While the world may place immense value on image and aesthetics, Camila emphasizes the need to stay true to oneself. In an industry where influencers constantly reinvent themselves, she highlights the importance of maintaining authenticity. It is this balance between adaptation and personal integrity that has allowed O Garotas Estúpidas to stand the test of time.

Throughout her career, Camila has had the privilege of experiencing countless incredible moments. From attending fashion weeks and interviewing industry giants like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to collaborating with renowned brands like Arezzo, every opportunity has been a chance for growth and inspiration. But amidst the whirlwind of accomplishments, she reminds us of the significance of taking a pause to appreciate the journey and celebrate our achievements.

Join us for this fascinating conversation with Camila Coutinho as she shares her insights and personal anecdotes. Discover the power of fashion blogging, the growth of O Garotas Estúpidas, and the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way. Prepare to be inspired and entertained!

Watch the full video here: [O Garotas Estúpidas: The Evolution of a Fashion Blog | IguatemiTalks](

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O Garotas Estúpidas foi o primeiro blog de moda do Brasil! Nasceu há 13 anos e cresceu com todas as tendências da internet. O sucesso da página fez de Camila Coutinho, sua fundadora, uma das principais comunicadoras da atualidade. No vídeo, ela conta como o site se mantém há tanto tempo entre as páginas mais acessadas, fala sobre sua trajetória e momentos inesquecíveis. Assista! #IguatemiTalksFlávia Aranha

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