The Enchanting Collection of Gloria Coelho

**Title:** Gloria Coelho Draws Inspiration from Five Decades of Fashion and a Fantasy Book for 2020 Winter Catwalk Show


Renowned fashion designer Gloria Coelho showcased her spectacular winter 2020 collection during Sao Paulo Fashion Week. The catwalk show was inspired by five decades of fashion and witnessed an infusion of creativity with mythical creatures from the fantasy book ‘Necroromance and the Conquest of Dragon Planet’ authored by 10-year-old Ricardo Valle. The result was a stunning amalgamation of fashion and imagination brought to life on the runway.

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Gloria Coelho takes inspiration from five decades of fashion for her winter 2020 catwalk show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week – as well as the mystical creatures in a book written by 10-year-old Ricardo Valle, “Necroromance and the Conquest of Dragon Planet.” (Oct. 18)

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