The Fall/Winter 2012/13 Collection of Marie Saint Pierre at Montreal Fashion Week

# A Glimpse into Montreal Fashion Week with Designer Marie Saint Pierre | Montreal Gazette

**Are you ready to discover the latest fashion trends?** Join Montreal Gazette photojournalist Dario Ayala as he takes us behind the scenes of Montreal Fashion Week. In this video, we get an exclusive look at *Life and Style* designer Marie Saint Pierre’s latest collection.

From the runway to the dressing room, we see the intricate details and unique designs that set Marie Saint Pierre apart in the fashion industry. With each piece, she showcases her signature style – modern, feminine and luxurious.

In addition to showing off her fall/winter collection, Marie Saint Pierre shares insights on her creative process and what inspires her designs. You’ll learn about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and how she incorporates eco-friendly practices into her work.

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*Full Transcript:*
> Welcome to Montreal Fashion Week. I’m photojournalist Dario Ayala and today we’re at *Life and Style* designer Marie Saint Pierre’s fall/winter collection show. We’re going to take a look backstage and see what goes into making all these dresses as well as see some of the dresses and how they look on the runway.
> Marie Saint Pierre has been in the industry for 30 years and has really made a name for herself as one of the top designers in Montreal and Canada. She’s known for her luxurious, modern, and feminine designs.
> It’s been amazing to see how everything comes together. Just seeing the intricate details in the dresses and seeing all the work that goes into making each one has been really fascinating.
> We had a chance to talk to her about her designs and what inspires her creative process. Marie incorporates eco-friendly practices into her work and is very conscious about sustainability in the fashion industry.
> It’s been a really great experience to be here and see all these amazing designs. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. Don’t forget to subscribe to Montreal Gazette, your local news source for the latest news, fashion, and lifestyle in the city.

Marie Saint Pierre

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