The Godfather’s Feast

We recently hosted a Godfather-themed dinner at Gotstyle in collaboration with Canadian Fashion Designer Christopher Bates to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Godfather movies. Bates had exclusive rights from Paramount to create a special capsule collection for this milestone event.

To set the mood, guests were greeted with a scene inspired by the wedding of Carlo Rizzi and Connie Corleone, dancing on the main floor. The evening continued with Italian gangster-themed Bushmill’s cocktails, setting the perfect ambiance.

Our sponsor, Coppola Wines, provided a selection of fine wines for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. The highlight of the event was a delicious four-course meal curated specifically for this occasion by Chef Andrew Smith. Each course was accompanied by an interactive murder scene, performed by talented actors, based on The Godfather. Patrons were invited to guess the killer by the end of the fourth course, adding an element of intrigue and excitement to the evening.

Following the arrest of the killer, dessert was served on the main floor, with a cannoli station where guests could enjoy freshly filled cannoli. For those feeling lucky, we also set up black jack, roulette, and poker tables for attendees to indulge in some thrilling gambling.

As a token of appreciation, Toronto Cigar Collective provided cigars to make everyone feel a little more gangster and to help alleviate any lingering stress.

Join us in this exclusive video as we take you on a journey through this unforgettable Godfather dinner experience. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more amazing event collaborations and fashion insights.

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We held a Godfather dinner at gotstyle in collaboration with Christopher Bates for his capsule collection with paramount for The Godfather 50th anniversary.

To commemorate the Godfather movies that came out 50 years ago, the Gotstyle team partnered with Canadian Fashion Designer Christopher Bates. Bates had exclusive rights from Paramount to do a capsule collection of the Godfather movies for their 50’th anniversary. To celebrate Bates invited his top 20 clients and Gotstyle invited their top 20 clients for an intimate dinner of 40.

To stick with the theme guests walked in to celebrate the wedding of Carlo Rizzi and Connie Corleone dancing on the main floor. Bushmill’s cocktails were also served to guests that also reflected the Italian gangster theme.

Guests enjoyed wine by our sponsor coppola wines, and a delicious 4 course meal by Chef Andrew Smith curated specifically for this event. After each course there were 5 actors that played out a murder scene based off The Godfather. Patrons were able to guess who the killer was by the end of the fourth course.

After the killer was arrested dessert was served on the main floor, where there was a cannolli station that were being freshly filled. While our stomachs were getting full, some people’s wallets were getting emptied out as there was a black jack table, roulette table, and poker table set up for attendees to gamble. To ease the stress and to make everyone feel a little bit more gangster cigars by Toronto cigar collective were being handed out as a thank you.Christopher Bates

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