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**Title:** How to Achieve the Foxy Eyes Look with #ArdellBeauty | Claudia Gómez Hair and Make-up Artist


Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the stunning Foxy Eyes look with Ardell Beauty products. In this video, professional makeup artist Claudia Gómez Hair and Make-up Artist will guide you through the process of creating this captivating look for your eyes.

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To begin, Claudia will show you how to create a lifted effect on your face by taking sections of your hair and securing them with a hair tie. Then, she will demonstrate how to prepare your face using the Liner Prime Prime primer in green and the foundation primer from Ardell Beauty.

Using a moss-colored eyeliner pencil, Claudia will create a smokey effect, and she will use the Proa and Sharon eyeshadow palette to blend the colors seamlessly. She will repeat this step with a darker shade for the inner part of the eyelid. To add dimension and brightness, Claudia will apply a lighter eyeshadow. The key to achieving the Foxy Eyes look is to create a thin, precise eyeliner frame.

Claudia will use Chenten, a precision tool, to enhance the thin eyeliner and create a more lifted and defined eye shape. The Glam Touring product will be applied to highlight certain areas, while being mindful not to overdo it. This will help create a lifted effect and ensure your face maintains a natural look.

Moving on to the lashes, Claudia will demonstrate how to curl them using a lash curler and apply mascara to lengthen and volumize. For a more dramatic effect, she will show you how to apply individual or strip lashes, starting from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. The finishing touch will be to blend the lashes with the natural contours of your eye and apply a final coat of mascara.

By following Claudia’s expert techniques and using Ardell Beauty products, you can easily recreate the Foxy Eyes look and enhance your natural features. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more beauty tutorials and product recommendations.

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¿Cómo realizar un Foxy Eyes con #ArdellBeauty?

Hoy la maquillista profesional Claudia Gómez Hair and Make-up Artist nos comparte este tutorial para realizar este tipo de look en tus ojos.


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