The Importance of Adjusting a Brand New Carburetor

## **Why Your Brand New Carburetor Needs Adjustments | Small Engine Repair Tips**

You’ve just bought a brand new carburetor for your chainsaw, blower, or weedeater, expecting it to run perfectly right out of the box. But why doesn’t it? In this video, we’ll explore the reasons why your new carburetor needs some tweaking to work properly, and what the manufacturer can’t tell you.

**Signs that Your Carburetor Needs Adjusting:**

If your engine is acting sluggish, idles rough, or dies when you apply throttle, it’s a clear indication that adjustments are needed. Your engine should rev smoothly and quickly as soon as you apply the throttle. The goal of these adjustments is to establish the proper fuel and air mixture, ensuring that your engine runs smoothly and achieves the appropriate speed at idle.

**Adjusting Tools:**

To make these adjustments, you’ll need the right tools. Click [here]( to find the recommended adjusting tools that will make the process easier for you.

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You buy a brand new carb, install it in your chainsaw, blower or weedeater, why doesn’t it just run perfectly straight out of the box? It’s new right?? What’s wrong with it?? Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW….AND WHAT THE MANUFACTURER CAN’T TELL YOU. I will tell you 4 reasons why your brand new carb needs to be tweaked to get it to work properly!

How do you know if your carburetor needs adjusting? Your engine should rev smoothly and quickly as soon as you apply throttle. If the engine is acting sluggish when you apply the throttle, idles rough or dies then adjustments are needed. The goal of the adjustments is to establish the proper fuel and air mixture to achieve the appropriate engine speed at idle while ensuring that your engine is running as smoothly as possible.


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    For more videos like this, check out:
    👉How to Adjust or Tune the Carburetor on a Leaf Blower ➜
    👉CORRECT WAY To Tune The Carburetor On A Chainsaw ➜
    👉How To Adjust Or Tune The Carburetor On A Weedeater ➜

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  2. My sh86 has had a new carb. Full service. And still cuts out both under power and under idle, and has trouble starting again. About to replace the muffler. After that I'm out of ideas.

  3. Just found your channel because I've got a Q and don't see an answer on the net anywhere, maybe you can help. I bought a new Craftsman B&S self propelled mower a couple years ago and the manual says if I have the right mower, I can hang it up vertically on the wall for storage, but they conveniently left out how to differentiate whether or not I have the right mower. All it says is if I don't have the right mower, I can wreck my engine.. lol… I have a small garage and it would be helpful to get it out of my way. Can you shed some light on the subject?

  4. Steve you are a great teacher. I have a yardman 2010 riding mower. I looked all over the internet on how to install an extension spring that connects the brake/clutch and runs to the back frame. None to be found. We ended up using a hydraulic jack and chain to get it on. I would love to see how you would do it. All is working except now I can't get off the mower without engine shutting off. Blade off, gear neutral, parking brake on. It use to work. I checked for disconnected wire but none found. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

  5. Love the Videos Steve . watched how to adjust the chainsaw video from some time ago I have a ms250 thats been a great saw but recently started bogging so rebuilt the carb and replaced the fuel lines seemed to fix it for a short time then started bogging again after several episodeIs of this I now have the low side all the way shut and dont have much idle control. any ideas??Saw runs great at throttle. even idles but that low sides messed up.

  6. Steve, can't thank you enough for your efforts! I watched and older episode on "Clean a Plastic Briggs Carburetor" and it saved my sanity! It was off a lawnmower that was given to me. After I got it running I found out that this certain motor is designed to eat oil and all I'm required to do is top it off every now and then. What is your professional opinion on this particular motor eh?

  7. Hello again Steve ! Always great information on your channel. All my other machines are Stihl, the best brand by far. No problem getting the carbs setup right on those.
    Anyway I have a Husqvarna 327 HE4 hedge cutter and adjusting the air/fuel mix on this carb must be different. Have you worked on these machines? I looked through you videos but didn't see one about these carburetors.

  8. Some 4 valid reasons right there very seldom I had to adjust some carbs but if so I don't mind like you said they fit so many applications so every now and then they have to be adjusted 🔧

  9. Hey Steve, I got a STIHL Chainsaw and STIHL weed trimmer. Both will start and immediately shut off. I can Choke it and it's starts again, but immediately shuts off. Both of them are doing the same thing. Any suggestions? Thanks William Campbell

  10. Great info Steve, I lived 6 years on the island, truly the nicest place I ever lived, you must love it there! Found your channel by searching chainsaw maintenance issues, carb, chain etc. Amazing content in your playlists, between you and Danyboy73 you guys intelligently cover every small engine issue and type I should ever need to maintain, sweet, have a good one!

  11. I’ve found sometimes new carbs need to be put through the sonic clean as they still have some coolant from the manufacturing process.
    Also quite a lot on new briggs carbs.

  12. Your videos have been educative! Please my 1kva generator voltage is above 220v and i have reduced the rpm to the lowest and the screw to the governor is at it's lowest… The generator is running slow and yet no reduction in voltage

  13. Your channel has helped me a lot. I own my own farm and don’t have time and sometimes money to just let my equipment sit at a shop. I’ve enjoyed learning go things myself. Thanks for the tips

  14. Is there a good booklet or guide that can be procured to walk through the methods of setting up various carbs from out of the box new? Online resource that can be printed and referred back to instead of uTube ?

  15. Is it possible to learn the basics of riding lawnmower maintenance at 62? I worked for Chrysler for 21 years and would like to learn how my riding mower works. I used push mowers for years but at 62 I can’t do that anymore. I know how to change the oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and do a tune up. I can clean the entire mower. I get in trouble understanding the carburetor and fuel system on the new John Deere mowers. They have added stuff that I not only do t know what it is but it’s an added confusion. I’ve replaced the ignition switch on it I don’t understand how to change the blades or belts on riders.

  16. I have a question for you I have a Stihl backpack blower and the battery will not charge up anymore would it be hard to change the battery and where can you buy one or would you do a video on how to change out this battery?

  17. Steve , I have been asked to service an old Matis tiller with an Echo sv-4 engine. Good spark and piston seems ok. I installed a new Chinese non OEM, carb.I can only get the machine running with the high screww "right in" and the low screw on about 1.5- 2 turns out and althogh it responds well when it start ,once stopped, it does not wish to restart.
    I know that the carb is tuned wrong, so I will probably try another new carb.
    I seem to remember years ago that older Echo engins became real problem machines when trying to keep them tuned…………your advice would be appreciated. PS at sea level using synthetic fuel.

  18. I got a great Leaf Blower for 10 bucks because it wouldn't run. Owner just changed from mixing the fuel to Tru Fuel. Blower would not run on $8 a quart Tru Fuel. Put in my own Pre-mix and got it running. Adjusted the Carb and now it is perfect. I figured I'd at least have to change the metering diaphragm but no. I called the seller to see if he wanted it back? He said he already got a new Husqvarna Blower.

  19. Awesome Steve. Great info and I totally agree with you. I’m just in the middle of making a vid quite similar where I explain this diagrammatically. Basically I’m being a Nerd about it 😂. Yours is practical and to the point. Thanks. Craig 👍👍

  20. Hey Steve, you ever seen a Bigfoot round your neck of the woods ? or know anyone else who has ?
    Just asked because you mentioned that you live in Vancouver Island.

  21. Hey Steve, great point about the new carbs needing adjustment. However, with all due respect, I think you might have missed one other very important item that should be considered, and that's what beer you're drinking when you adjust the carb…right? ;=)

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