The Long-Awaited Reunion: Lauren Conrad and I Finally Come Together | WITH WHIT | Featuring Whitney Port

**Title: Reuniting with Lauren Conrad: The Truth Behind Our Friendship | With Whit**


In this highly-anticipated episode of With Whit, I finally reunite with my long-time friend and former co-star, Lauren Conrad. We delve into the unanswered question that has been on everyone’s minds: Are we still friends? Join us as we reflect on our shared experiences, tackle unresolved issues, and discuss everything that has happened since our reality TV days.

Lauren Conrad, renowned television personality, New York Times bestselling author, fashion designer, and philanthropist, shares her journey of success. From launching ‘LC Lauren Conrad’ exclusively at Kohl’s in 2009 to co-founding ‘The Little Market’ in 2013, which empowers women artisans around the world, she has continuously made a difference. Additionally, she recently launched her eco-conscious beauty brand, ‘Lauren Conrad Beauty,’ offering quality products at an affordable price point.

During this candid conversation, we cover a range of topics, including our personal lives, businesses, family, and the impact of fame. Join us for an intimate catch-up session as we explore our friendship, the ups and downs, and the misconceptions that have lingered over the years.

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Don’t miss this authentic and heartfelt reunion. Get ready for an episode filled with revelations, laughter, and the deep bond that remains between two friends who have truly experienced it all.

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**Transcript (excerpt):**

[Start of the video]

Whitney: He’s hiding! Oh my god. What are you most excited about this episode? How many times did I ask you to help me with the outline for questions? She was really nervous. I was nervous, you guys, so you should watch because she was nervous. And that means she cares. And if she cares, that means it’s good. So if it’s good, then you guys will like it too.

[Conversation between Whitney and Lauren]

Whitney: It’s been 15 years since we filmed together, but I don’t know how long it’s been since the show ended.

Lauren: Exactly, so we met 15 years ago. I think I was 20, and I was in college, and you had just moved to LA. And since then, we’ve gotten married, had kids, launched businesses, and so much has happened. The question that I get asked the most of all time is, are you still friends with Lauren?

Whitney: Yeah, it’s just so interesting because that’s what people really want to know, right? That’s how people really got to know us, was together in the Teen Vogue closet. And people always want to know the behind-the-scenes and if there was any drama… [continue the conversation]

*Note: The YouTube video transcript quoted is an excerpt for illustrative purposes only. The full transcript can be found in the video itself.*

By far the question I get asked the most is, “Are you still friends with Lauren?” For the longest time I would answer, “We are still friends, but we don’t really keep in touch.” That was the truth, but I also wondered if there was an issue between us that was unresolved. In part one of my two part talk with Lauren, I finally get to the bottom of it, plus so much more. Lauren and I went through something completely life-changing together, and when it was over we went our separate ways. Business, family, fame, life, everything that has happened since the show ended, and we’ve never talked about it. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more important catch up session. Lauren is a television personality, New York Times bestselling author, fashion designer and philanthropist. In 2009, she launched LC Lauren Conrad exclusively at Kohl’s. In 2013, she co founded The Little Market whose mission is to build sustainable partnerships with artisans around the world by connecting them with customers through an online marketplace and to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. AND, in August 2020, Lauren launched her beauty brand, Lauren Conrad Beauty. It is an eco-conscious brand that meets the desires of cosmetics consumers at a price point that everyone can enjoy without sacrificing quality. I attempted to up my eyeliner game with help from the eyeliner expert herself. We are getting into EVERYTHING. Hope you love!

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Whitney is an alum of MTV’s “The Hills,” as well as an entrepreneur, podcaster, and lifestyle influencer. She found early success on YouTube with a parenting series called “I Love My Baby, But…”. As her son is now three years old, we relaunched her channel with a new series entitled “I Love My Toddler, But…”.

WITH WHIT | Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!) Reunite | Whitney Port

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  1. Such a treat seeing these two together again, takes me right back there as if time stood still. They were my faves, just watched rest of cast on Celebrity Family Feud. Loved those kids.

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