The Magic of Traditional Brown Sugar: Liziqi’s Secret Winter Comfort in Bubbles

# Liziqi Channel: Old Brown Sugar Recipe
Looking for a cozy winter treat to keep you warm this season? How about trying out Liziqi’s recipe for old brown sugar, made with traditional methods and genuine ingredients?

In a world where fewer and fewer people are making sugar in the traditional way, Liziqi gives us a glimpse into the true art of sugar-making. Using more than a dozen kilos of sugar canes to produce just one kilo of sugar, Liziqi’s recipe is a labor of love that pays homage to ancient methods and flavors.

But it’s not just about tradition – genuine brown sugar is also good for women and girls. Liziqi’s adapted recipe is perfect for home cooks who are interested in trying their hand at making ancient brown sugar themselves.

Follow along with Liziqi’s step-by-step process, from juicing and filtration to boiling and solidification, to form the sandy sugar crystals that make up delicious ancient brown sugar. Don’t worry if one or two sugar crystals break – it’s all part of the process!

For more heartwarming videos and delicious recipes, be sure to check out Liziqi’s channel on YouTube. And if you’re interested in exploring more of the beauty and culture of Chinese food, be sure to follow Liziqi on social media and subscribe to her channel for updates.

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Liziqi channel——old brown sugar
Fewer and fewer people still make sugar in the traditional way,
which takes more than a dozen kilos of sugar canes to produce a kilo of sugar.
Anyway, genuine brown sugar is good for women and girls.
Here is my adapted recipe that you can follow at home.
Try it out yourself!


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Written by 李子柒 Liziqi


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  2. There are thousand of people who make such videos , but ain't no one like her , this woman has so many skills , cooking , decorating , art skills , most important , she does so much of hardwork , love your channel , i love how your garden looks ,

  3. Мне так кажется, что помело висят круглый год на деревьях! Что весна, что осень… эти в своих огромных плодах! Обвешанные!

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