The Making-of & Photoshoot: “You should be dancing” (with French subtitles) – Longchamp, Campaign…

# Making-of & Photoshoot – You Should Be Dancing (sous-titres FR) – Longchamp, Campagne Printemps 2013

Welcome to the making-of and photoshoot for the Longchamp Campagne Printemps 2013 collection, titled “You Should Be Dancing.” In this video, supermodel Coco Rocha takes us behind the scenes of this disco-themed production.

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In this captivating video, Coco Rocha showcases her disco dancing skills at the iconic Terminal 5 of the old JFK terminal. Her inspiration for this shoot was a strong, confident, and fun-loving woman, who knows how to let loose and be free.

The choreography for this photoshoot leans towards a disco vibe, with joyful and energetic moves that will get you grooving. Just listening to the accompanying song will brighten your day and uplift your spirit.

In preparation for this project, Coco, Lisa, and I have been working on refining the dance routine for a couple of weeks. Together, we combined our ideas and brought everything to life during the photoshoot. The outcome exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Witness Coco’s infectious energy as she dances alongside Lisa and brings the whole set to life. These talented individuals not only possess beauty but also remarkable acting skills, which shine through in their performances.

Experience the incredible synergy and captivating energy that made this shoot truly memorable. Join us in celebrating the joy of dancing and the timeless beauty of Longchamp’s Spring 2013 collection.

Explore the magic behind the scenes and embark on this disco journey with Coco Rocha. Get ready to be inspired and entertained by this exhilarating photoshoot.

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Making-of & Photoshoot – You should be dancing (sous-titres FR) – Longchamp, Campagne Printemps 2013
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