The Project Runway | Gloria Coelho Collaborates with Chilli Beans

# Gloria Coelho: The Creative Force Behind Chilli Beans’ Unique Line of Sunglasses

Gloria Coelho is a name that’s synonymous with elegance and innovation in the Brazilian fashion industry. Her signature blend of poetry and technology has set her apart from the rest, and her impeccable products and singular style are the ultimate testament to her creative force.

Recently, Chilli Beans approached Gloria Coelho to collaborate on a line of sunglasses that perfectly captures her originality and elegance. The result? A collection that’s full of unique designs, inspired by the fashion trends of the 60s.

In this video, we explore the Chilli Beans and Gloria Coelho partnership through an mesmerizing interview, where she speaks about the importance of good quality and stylish sunglasses in our daily life. We also explore the Project Passarela, an initiative that supports young Brazilian artists and designers in their fashion careers.

If you’re interested in fashion, sunglasses, or just want to learn about an amazing designer, tune in and discover the creative world of Gloria Coelho and Chilli Beans.

[Check out the Project Passarela]( for more information about upcoming fashion events and young designers.

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*Transcript available upon request.*

Gloria Coelho é uma personalidade marcante na moda brasileira. Unindo poesia e tecnologia, mostra em seus desfiles um produto impecável e uma imagem singular. Por essa força criativa, foi convidada pela Chilli Beans para assinar uma linha de óculos da marca. A parceria rendeu modelos cheios de originalidade e elegância.
Conheça mais sobre o Projeto Passarela:
Gloria Coelho

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