The USA Premiere of Hana Sadiq’s ‘The Many Names of Love Fashions’: PLTV Features Nora & Nadia


**Welcome to the TTN-HD Productions Red Carpet Interviews at the Hana Sadiq: The Many Names of Love Fashions USA Premiere!** Join us as Sandra Jack Shaw and Brina Healy from TTN-HD Productions conduct exclusive interviews with the talented team behind this mesmerizing fashion show. **The Center for Arabic Culture** proudly sponsors this event, which is produced by **The Fashion Doctors** at Taj Boston on Friday, November 4, 2011.

In this video, Sandra Jack Shaw interviews Hana Sadiq’s daughter, Nora, and sister, Nadia, to get insight into their mother’s incredible fashion designs. Nora joined her mother’s business 13 years ago after finishing college, while Nadia recently started working with them after moving back from France. Learn about their roles in the business, their inspiration, and the uniqueness of Hana Sadiq’s designs.

We dive deeper into the beauty and cultural significance of Hana Sadiq’s designs and how they provide an alternative to western clothes for weddings and official events. Witness the vibrant colors and textures worn by Nora and Nadia that truly reflect the many colors of love. Discover the names chosen for Hana Sadiq’s fashion show and how the team collaborates to find the best names to promote their designs.

The materials used in the designs are sourced from various locations like Italy, France, Egypt, as well as Middle Eastern countries. From stunning silks to luxurious Egyptian cotton, Hana Sadiq’s designs incorporate diverse elements that showcase the richness of different cultures.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive premiere in the heart of Boston. Sandra Jack Shaw is thrilled to be here and witness the breathtaking creations of Hana Sadiq. Join us on the red carpet as we celebrate the many colors of love and delve into the world of Hana Sadiq’s fashion designs.

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TTN-HD Productions’ Sandra Jack Shaw and Brina Healy were retained to conduct Red Carpet interviews at Hana Sadiq: The Many Names of Love Fashions USA Premiere, sponsored by The Center for Arabic Culture and Produced by The Fashion Doctors at Taj Boston on Friday, November 4, 2011.Hana Khalil

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