Tips for Properly Maintaining Your Downspout Drain Pipe

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In this comprehensive **YouTube video**, Apple Drains showcases the **best practices for rainwater drainage**. From purchasing the right tools to calling 811 for assistance, this video covers everything you need to know about materials, trenching, depth, and discharging water to daylight. Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this complete guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions for installing yard drains, French drains, and other drainage systems.

Learn how to quickly and effectively **install a yard drain or French drain**. This video provides valuable tips on irrigation repair, control wires, discharge with pop-ups, connections, and catch basins. It also covers other essential topics such as downspout drains, channel drains, pool deck drains, sump basins, crawl space waterproofing, and basement foundation drains. Apple Drains, the most trusted name in waterproofing, shares their expertise to help you save thousands of dollars and ensure the best results for your drainage system installation.

If you’ve been using a catch basin under your downspout to collect roof water, this video will show you why it’s not the most effective solution. Catch basins may move more water than a French drain, but they can cause water to splash all over, potentially leading to wet crawl spaces and foundation walls. Find out why this method is ineffective and learn how to create and build the **best rainwater drainage systems** from the name you trust – Apple Drains.

Apple Drains is a trusted and recommended drainage contractor by your neighbors. They offer live help through video consulting via Skype, allowing you to schedule a session online. If you’re located in the Orlando area, contact their office at (321) 200-0685 to schedule an appointment. For Charlotte, NC residents, you can schedule help at (704) 336-9111. Stay tuned for their upcoming office in Atlanta, GA.

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Catch Basin under downspout is not the best way to collect roof water. Watch and see why.

French Drain and Yard Drain must have a good discharge.

The Most Complete Rainwater Drainage video on YouTube. Everything from buying a shovel and calling 811, Materials, Trenching, How Deep, Discharge to daylight. Perforated pipe surrounded by gravel, Catch Basin, Downspout Drains, Gutters, Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Waterproofing, Interior and Exterior Waterproofing and So Much More!

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A Complete guide for the both contractor and DIY.

Learn how to quickly install a Yard Drain or French Drain. How to tips including – irrigation repair, control wires, discharge with pop ups, connections and catch basins, Downspout Drain, Channel Drain, Pool Deck Drain, Perforated pipe, Sump Basin, Crawl Space and Basement Foundation drain. We are the Most Trusted Name in Waterproofing and our work stands alone across the nation and the world.

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A very good how to do it yourself video.

Catch Basins will move more water than any french drain. Watch and learn why and how to create and build the BEST Rainwater Drainage Systems from the name you trust!
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  1. Any thoughts about installing the basin after the PVC 90? So run the downspout underground, into the basin from the side, then run the actual drain out the opposing side. That seems like it would catch the debris, not have splashing, and keep the line spotless.

  2. For anyone viewing this video. Currently with inflation. Multiply all he's prices by about 2 or 3. [Depending on the size of the piece your looking at, eg a wye is 25$]

  3. If heavy flows overshoot the basin why not install another A-style downspout elbow directing the water vertically down into the catch basin? Leave a 1.5" air gap so leaves/debris can be cleared by wind or maintenance. This is how rainwater harvesting catch basins work.

  4. Is it worth using a long turn 90 degree elbow instead of the shorter one at downspout-to-drain-pipe, so you get more speed? I'm running triple wall pipe (not pvc) under a walkway so it's buried too deep for water to come up at the other end at a pop-up emitter (so the pipe will have to be a french drain before the pop-up). The yard has a decent gradual slope so water flows okay, but wondered if the long turn elbow might help overall. Then again, the longer elbow might complicate installation?

  5. Hello. Thank you for your video! I want to put this PVC on my 4" round downspout. I was going to hook up a FLEX-Drain 4-in x 25-ft 70-PSI Corrugated Solid Pipe (from Lowes) to it. I thought that would be easier to work with for me than a pvc pipe. My question is, is that as good as PVC and next question is what do I put on end of the pipe? I have no where to run it to without digging into a gravel driveway (which would be very hard for me). Thank you for all your wonderful videos!

  6. Hey Chuck I love your videos! Very interesting to see how differently people do things in different areas. Here in Atlanta and surrounding areas we never use PVC drain lines. We like to use downspout to 4” corrugated adapters and go straight into an n12 adapter with a small section of 4” corrugated. Either wye with clean out, straight coupler, or 45 depending on the situation. Then 6” (or bigger depending on expected flow) N12 smooth interior wall pipe for everything after. We step up progressively as more downspouts or catch basin lines are added in. Works great for us no complaints ever and we have been doing this way for many many years. What are your thoughts on this? Why do you like PVC better? Would love to hear your opinion on PVC vs N12

  7. We have a huge drainage problem in our house. Do you have offices in the Tampa area? How can we contact your company?
    Since we moved here we had problems, but now it seems like we live in a swamp when it rains. We are and older couple and we need help, if you do not serve this area, can you recommend an honest contractor?

  8. This system will eventually get clogged with debris from the roof. The 4” grate/outlet will also let in debris.

    You would be better off using a sanitary tee with that 4” grate as a clean out. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know your system is backed up until water was gushing out the gutters (and leading to overhang damage).

  9. Ohhhh…. I worked in a hardware store before and never knew what a cleanout assembly was used for (of course I knew where it was in our store and could direct a customer asking for one to it). Now I know. 👍

  10. I am going to be doing this come summer this year. I will be putting eaves trough on my house and my neighbor is doing the same. I wanted to install a catch basin under the downspout like first shown in the video so I have an easier way to clean out if need be but the only ones available are the 12×12 for $60. I will be finishing the side of my house walkway with concrete. Would you still recommend hard piping with pvc pipe? In between the houses I will have a center line where the french drain is that will remain gravel so any other water can get into the pipe and be discharged through a curb hole I will be doing. Any thoughts?

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