Tips for Small-Following Brand Owners on How to Get on a PR List: Insights from Jolie Beauty

**Title: How to Get on a PR List as an Influencer: Insider Tips from a Brand Owner**

Are you an influencer or content creator wondering how to get on a PR list? As a brand owner, I receive hundreds of PR requests every day, and in this video, I’ll reveal what makes me pick who gets PR. Contrary to popular belief, the size of your following isn’t the only factor that counts. Whether you’re in the beauty niche or any other niche, my simple strategy can help you land on your DREAM PR list. This secret strategy is applicable to creators of all sizes and can be used in any niche.

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**Full Transcript:**
*Oh why do you why do you have to come right now do you want to be on the pr list do you want a boat you want to be on bonio’s pr list ah i see you want to be on pedigree chums be honest with you hello beauties welcome back to the Joliet beauty channel if you’re new here my name is joey cash and i’m the ceo of cruelty free beauty brand jolie beauty so today is a little bit of a different video for this channel i am obviously from the title gonna be talking about How to get on a brand pr list i want to point out that this video will be so relevant to you no matter what following size you’re at even if you just started yesterday i’ve seen a lot of videos online about this and i felt like a lot of them Were from an influencers perspective so i think it’s quite interesting to do it from a brand owner’s perspective i also noticed that a lot of the videos out there come from influencers that already have massive followings and a lot of influence and it’s just not true that you need those massive numbers To get on brand’s pr list so i’ve put together all my tips and tricks as a brand owner with my insider knowledge and i’ve put together a strategy that i believe can get you on any pr list that you desire even as a smaller influencer so if that interests you stay tuned we’re Going to get into it right now before we get into any tactics i just want to throw out there what is pr and why do businesses do it so i remember the first time i ever saw pr i was there teenage grebo greebo is a grunger rocker if anyone doesn’t know One of these watching the osbournes one of the first reality shows out there and lo and behold ozzy osbourne just gets this massive delivery of gucci right in the middle of the programme gucci vibe there which means my balls are touching the back of my shoulders there i was confused teenager why would Aussie osborne want any bloody gucci to be honest bit confusing and it dawned on me it’s the perfect advertisement for them on his show so what did gucci want from aussie why did they want their products on his program and the answer is return on investment Now we need to keep this phrase in mind because it’s going to be repeated throughout this video so make sure you’re familiar return on investment also known as roi return on investment in terms of pr is when a brand is giving you something but they are expecting Something in return a return on their investments now this something might not be sales or followers there’s something as a small creator or a beginner creator that you can offer brands we’ll get into that a little bit more throughout the video but i think it’s just Good to point out here and get into the frame of mind of thinking return on investment now we’ve got that phrase firmly in our minds let’s talk about the warm-up stage think about it like dating you wouldn’t just roll out of bed not clean your teeth not brush your hair Go to the club and expect to pick up the partner of your dreams you’ve got to put in the work first before you get that amazing date so what can you do to prepare how can you impress these brands from the get-go i know this sounds really boring guys but let’s just get The content ready if you want to be on a beauty brands pr list i’m using beauty here just an example because that is my industry then you need to have some beauty content on your social media platforms if your instagram is full of pictures of your Puppy which to be honest i’m not mined about at all but it might not be the best thing to approach a beauty brand with because they can’t see how they fit within your content in the same breath it’s really important to make sure that the content that you’re producing Is in line with the brands that you want to approach so you need to think about your niche but also within your niche what are you good at say if you’ve got a beauty account and it’s all about drugstore dupes it might not be the wisest idea to approach a luxury Label for example but a more affordable label might think that you are the perfect fit for the brand so have a think and think about what brands that you want to work with and make sure that your content is perfectly in line with those brands the next point i would say is Really important is to make sure that you’ve got good engagement with your audience engagement is such a crucial part of social media nowadays you could have hundreds or millions of followers but if your engagement rates are low brands aren’t going to really want to work with you they use Software such as social blades to check your proportion of followers to engagement it gives a percentage and they will work to that percentage so it’s really important as a small creator or even a large one that your engagement rates are high and you’ve got a loyal devoted audience that are Interested in what you’re posting let’s talk about that return on investment again if an influencer has 2 000 followers but 50 of their audience is engaged they have much more influence than somebody who has 50 000 followers but only has one percent engaged actually they’ve got twice the amount of influence when you Look at return on investment so before we go in for the kill there is a little bit more work to do and that is establishing a relationship with the brand now you wouldn’t probably just well you might personally i wouldn’t just dive into asking someone out without finding Out their name where they’re from and a little bit about them first and you can definitely say the same about a brand influencer relationship the amount of copied and pasted messages guys that we get do not send the same copy you made it it is more than obvious especially when You click on the profile and they don’t follow the brand it’s an instant no and this is another reason i kind of wanted to make this video because i see so many of these videos on youtube and they’re like yeah just send…*

How to get on a PR list is a question many influencers and content creators ask. As a brand owner, I get sometimes hundreds of PR requests per day. But what makes me pick who gets PR? And does the following size of applicants always count for PR? In a word, “no” it definitely doesn’t! My simple strategy will help you get onto your DREAM PR list, whether that’s in the beauty niche or any other niche. This SECRET strategy can be used in all niches and for content creators of all sizes.

Love cruelty-free makeup? Go and shop on the Jolie Beauty website here – As part of the YouTube family, you can save 10% off everything with the discount code YOUTUBE10.

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  1. Aww thank you for this video! I've just recently found your brand and as soon as I seen the Intergalactic palette, I bought it immediately!! As soon as I shared it, loads of my friends wanted it too 🥰 I'm slowly trying to grow my Instagram, so this has been a big help 🖤🖤

  2. I love this and thank you for sharing! It’s so helpful, I did my first collab on 1500 however working onto pr lists it’s being consistent! Interact with the brand too! Xxx

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s great to hear from a brand owner how you see influencers and how they bring value to your business. My question is, what if you’re in a more mature category, will brands be interested in sending PR? Does age matter? I have a small channel that’s slowly but surely growing everyday. I love my little community and they are starting to give me more feedback on what they would like to see so it would be great to review a variety of products. Thanks again!

  4. I loved Jolie and have been using some of your palettes for years! I am actually doing some prom videos coming up using the Radience palette 🙌🏻 Would love to be able to work with you guys one day!

  5. Hi Jolie, I introduced your lipsticks to my viewers I know a few who have bought from you and I have to say I love your products and will try more in the future, Love your make up xxx

  6. Amazing video! First product of yours I tried was the Radiance Beauty palette and I was HOOKED. I’m currently waiting for the Sorceress Palette to be restocked so I can try it on my Twitch Streams. Thank you for the tips and I can’t wait for the next video!

  7. This is brilliant! This has been so helpful as a brand owner myself. I have a fitness brand and PR is something that I've not been the best at managing but this included so much useful information that I can definitely use in the future
    (Also if you come up with anything that's designed for sweaty sports like cheerleading then do let me know! My current makeup doesn't stay on my face during a routine 😂)
    Question: how would you has a brand owner approach an influencer to do some PR for you?

  8. Destiny's Child finger* Question? So if you have received PR a company before that has reached out to YOU, are you on the PR list and how do you know if you are still on it or not? Very interesting video btw, something I will look into in the future. Thanx.

  9. I won't ask to be on the pr list, but you are more then welcome to use any of my ig pics with your products. I just really like to play around and experiment with the makeup, even if I have to spend my own money to do so.

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