Toronto Fashion Show: NARCES Unveils its Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

# Narces Autumn Winter 2015 Collection: A Shimmery and Glamorous Runway Show!

Narces’ latest collection is a feast for the eyes, with its shiny, shimmery, and lacey pieces that exude glamour and elegance. If you missed the show, don’t worry! C Fashion is here to bring you the latest fashion news and trends straight from the runways.

Watch the full collection at the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada, and get an exclusive peek at the behind-the-scenes interviews with models and designers. Our coverage also includes the hottest celebrity looks from Hollywood.

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Shiny, shimmery, lacey, and glamorous: Narces presented their Autumn Winter 2015 collection at the World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada.

C Fashion covers the latest news, what’s trending and videos from fashion runways, to backstage access exclusive interviews with models and designers, and hottest celebrities looks from Hollywood:

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