Toronto Fashion Week Presents the SS2020 Collection by Christopher Bates

# Christopher Bates SS2020 Collection at Toronto Fashion Week 2019
Check out the latest fashion trends from Christopher Bates as he showcases his SS2020 collection at Toronto Fashion Week 2019. This video captures the essence of the show, featuring the vibrant colors and unique styles that made it a standout event.

## About Ultimate Fashion Battle
Ultimate Fashion Battle is a live competition that celebrates all things fashion. From 80s Kitsch Camp Glamour looks for both men and women, to separate challenges that test the limits of even the most creative minds, Ultimate Fashion Battle is a must-see for anyone who loves innovative fashion.

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Christopher Bates SS2020 collection Toronto Fashion week 2019






ABOUT Ultimate Fashion Battle
A LIVE competition of all things fashion!!! Competitors will do whatever it takes to create the 80s Kitsch Camp Glamour look – for men or women in separate challenges – all in real time with set time limit!


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