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**Title: Powerful Promises of God for Rest and Peace | Biblical Inspiration | Pastor Maria**


Welcome to Pastor Maria’s channel! In this video, we dive into a powerful message from the book of Matthew, where Jesus promises rest and peace to those who are weary and burdened. Pastor Maria explains the significance of this promise and how it applies to our lives today, regardless of our background or circumstances. Discover the life-changing truth that God wants to give you rest and help you overcome the challenges you face. Join us in exploring this powerful biblical message and find peace for your soul.

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**Transcript:** (Translated from Portuguese) Source: [YouTube Video](source_link)

*Note: The transcript provided here is a translation from the original Portuguese video.*

In this video, Pastor Maria shares a powerful message from the book of Matthew, specifically Matthew 11:25-30. Jesus speaks about the yoke of burdens and offers rest to those who are tired and oppressed. The message is for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Jesus thanks God for hiding the truth from the wise and revealing it to the humble. He explains that only through Him can we truly know the Father. This is because God and Jesus are one. No one can know the Father except through Jesus. So, if you are feeling weary and burdened, Jesus invites you to come to Him and find rest for your soul.

Pastor Maria emphasizes the importance of understanding the context and significance of Jesus’ words. Jesus chose to associate Himself with the poor, drunkards, lepers, prostitutes, and beggars. He sat and dined with them because they were the ones who were open to receiving the Word of God. So, if you are facing persecution or feeling oppressed, Pastor Maria encourages you to humble yourself before God and seek His help. Put your trust in Him and find rest and peace for your soul.

Additionally, Pastor Maria discusses the issue of oily hair and provides tips for managing it. She explains that oily hair is often a result of overactive sebaceous glands and fine hair texture. She recommends seeking professional advice, such as a dermatologist or trichologist, to determine the best course of action. Understanding the root cause of oily hair can help in finding effective solutions and achieving hair balance.

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  1. ESSE LIKE É PRO NOSSO SENHOR JESUS 🙏🏻 Deus te abençoe!

    Pausa dramática: Bel, fico chocada a cada vídeo como seu cabelo cresceu e tá tão sedoso em relação a como estava loiro. Henê é VIDAAAAA GENTE.. quem mais vai duvidar disso???

    Deus te abençoe BELZINHAAAA❤️

  2. Parabéns Bel amei todas as dicas que Deus abençoe sempre 💜🌷🌷Bel gostaria de saber de você usei o alisante tioglicolato de amônia da wella trate, em agosto e agora queria mudar para o henê depois de quantos meses posso passar o henê desde de já agradeço pela atenção 🌷

  3. Verdade Bel tantas coisas já passei na minha vida meu Deus mais só Deus sabe todas as coisas Bel eu senti meu cabelos mais grosso mais achava que era o henê então é a sálvia com alicrim pra mim foi bom porque sempre reclamei com fios finos e ralos obrigada linda por compartilhar com a gente bjos fica com Deus linda

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