Trends at SPFW: Natura According to Gloria Kalil

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In this YouTube video, **Gloria Kalil** from Canal Chic shares the latest makeup and hair trends from the runways of SPFWn41 (São Paulo Fashion Week).

Have you ever wondered how to achieve the perfect makeup look to complement your style? Gloria Kalil gives us insights into the world of makeup fashion, emphasizing the importance of staying true to your own personality.

One of the notable trends is the preference for a more natural look, allowing your individuality to shine through. No longer being dictated by one specific style, this approach encourages you to experiment and enhance your unique features. Learn how to enhance your natural beauty with light makeup and subtle shadows for a radiant complexion.

From bold red lips to dramatic eyeliners, Gloria showcases some standout looks that can captivate attention. Discover the allure of these more intense styles, perfect for making a statement or expressing your creativity.

When it comes to hair, the trends showcased are diverse yet effortless. Embrace the idea of messy, undone hairstyles that exude confidence without any fuss. Whether it’s a low ponytail, messy braids, or a slightly tousled do, these relaxed styles can add a touch of elegance to any look.

No matter your personal style, the key is to keep it light and uncomplicated. Explore the versatility of these trends and adapt them to suit your own taste and preferences.

So, if you’re curious about the latest makeup and hair trends from SPFWn41, join Gloria Kalil in this informative video. Get ready to discover new ways to enhance your beauty and confidently express yourself through fashion.

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Gloria Kalil, do Canal Chic, conta pra gente quais foram as principais tendências de make e cabelo das passarelas do SPFWn41.Isabela Capeto

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