Try-On Haul of Plus Size Clothing from SHEIN, Valencia Boutique, Old Navy, and More!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! I’m so excited to bring you my very first plus size fashion try-on haul video. As a plus-size woman living in Canada, I know how challenging it can be to find fashionable clothing options, especially in comparison to the US market. That’s why I’ve curated this haul featuring retailers that cater to sizes XS-4X+!

In this video, I’ll be showcasing clothing items from a variety of retailers, including Old Navy, Walmart, Eloquii, Hilary MacMillan, Valencia Boutique, and SHEIN. I’ll be sharing the prices, sizes, and my honest thoughts on each item.

Plus, I’ll be addressing the struggle of shopping for plus-size clothing and how I navigate different sizing options from store to store. It can be challenging to figure out which size will fit best, but with some trial and error, I’ve become quite savvy in finding the perfect fit for my body.

Personally, I prefer to shop in person whenever possible. Trying on clothes in-store allows me to ensure the fit and style are what I’m looking for before making a purchase. However, I also understand the convenience of online shopping, so I’ll be showcasing some items I’ve purchased online as well.

So, what can you expect in this haul? I’ve got a range of pieces to share with you, from basic black crop tops to stylish olive green joggers with pockets. I’ll also be showing off a stunning olive green faux leather jacket dress from Hilary MacMillan that unfortunately didn’t fit perfectly in the arms but is still a gorgeous piece worth mentioning.

Additionally, I’ll be featuring a sweatshirt with positive sayings from Valencia Boutique. I used to shy away from crew necks but have recently fallen in love with them, and this one has some empowering messages that I can’t wait to share with you all.

Whether you’re looking for some fashion inspiration for curvy and plus-size styling or simply enjoy watching try-on hauls, this video is for you! Stay tuned as I try on each item and provide my honest thoughts on the fit, comfort, and overall style.

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Timestamps for each item and additional information will be provided in the video description box below. Happy shopping!

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Plus size fashion and try-on haul from retailers who carry XS -4X+!

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