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Hey, it’s Viviana! Today, I had an unexpected mishap while cleaning my room. My hair containers spilled all over the floor, causing a major mess. But, amidst the chaos, I stumbled upon a flexi rod. That inspired me to try a new hair curling technique.

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to achieve stunning curls using flexi rods and larger hair sections. This method is a practical alternative to time-consuming hair pin curls. So, if you want gorgeous curls without the hassle, keep watching!

To achieve this style, I’ll be using Design Essential Curl Stretching Cream and Zimii Concentrated Setting Lotion. These products work wonders in creating defined and long-lasting curls.

Before I get started, I want to address some comments I received on my previous hair pin curls video. Some viewers suggested using bigger sections and replacing the jumbo bobby pins with straws. While this may seem like a good idea, I initially had concerns about the hair slipping out of the straw. However, my discovery of the flexi rod changed everything.

I’ll be applying the same principles and technique I shared in my perfect wet set video. Starting with wet hair, I’ll take a flexi rod and fold it in half. Then, I’ll simply place my hair between the rod and wrap it around, securing the ends without the need for additional pins or elastics.

During the trial phase of this hairstyle, I encountered a small issue with the ends of my hair coming loose. But, I didn’t give up. I decided to twist the ends together, and this simple twist kept the shape intact as the hair dried.

Now, my hair is completely dry, and I’m excited to see the results. As I start unraveling each flexi rod, I notice a subtle difference between the sections secured with an elastic band and those twisted. The sections with the elastic band yielded smoother, more defined curls.

Although these curls aren’t exactly like my original hair pin curls, they provide a faster and more voluminous style. I can’t wait to experiment with this method using different-sized flexi rods, sections, and products as my hair gets longer.

If you’re looking to switch up your curl routine and try something unique, give this flexi rod technique a go. Don’t forget to post a picture and tag me on social media. I’d love to see your results!

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– Last relaxer: April 30, 2015
– Big chop date: Oct. 23, 2015
– Hair type: FRIZZY
– My height: 5′ 8.5″
– Day job: Civil Engineer (bi-atch!!!)

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If you don’t SHARE the video, did you REALLYYYY enjoy it???

Design Essential Curl Stretching Cream
Zimii Concentrated Setting Lotion


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Frequently Asked Questions

Last relaxer – April 30, 2015
Big chop date – Oct. 23, 2015
Hair type – FRIZZY
My height – 5′ 8.5″
Day job – Civil Engineer (bi-atch!!!)

Follow me!!
Instagram: VivHairTherapy
Twitter: VivHairTherapy


For business inquires, email me at: [email protected]


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  1. I have no idea how I came across your channel but I'm truly glad that I did! I'm a white girl with curly hair and I'm thinking if I have the time this might work on my hair. I love your personality! Your hair looks amazing!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so delightful to watch! I love how much fun you have with your experiments, even when they take 8 million years and 90 thousand hair pins. Thank you for adding your sparkle to the internet! 🌟❤🌟

  3. I'm a 67 year old Caucasian women and I really love you and your channel. You have such a vibrant personality it makes it so fun to watch. You make everything you do fun! Thank you for being you!

  4. Viv, I want to try this on my 3A/3B fine medium density curls, but I don’t have red hair!
    Love all the dynamics of curls and coils and your content has been cheering me up in a difficult time. We don’t see texture, but I see YOU, Queen! You are so appreciated. Also, unrelated, but I just turned 30 and your skin clarity and texture is just…*chefs kiss* would love a skin care routine!

  5. I seen the hair pin video and was like I wish, didn’t even think about trying that wrapping technique with flexi rods!! Thank you, definitely will be trying this in the future 😁

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