Tugkiara is on the verge of tears after hearing Celina’s confession.

**Title**: Heartbreaking Love Story: Celina’s Relationship Confessions | Tugba Kiara Reacts

Welcome to our channel! In this video, Celina opens up about her love life, leaving Tugba heartbroken. Join us as we delve into their emotional journey. Stay tuned for all the details!

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In this video, Celina shares the bittersweet story of her past relationship, leaving Tugba in tears. Tune in to find out how it all unfolded.

Someone asked, “Where is your old phone, Tuba?” And Tugba revealed it’s in Istanbul.

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Are you single? Sadly, Celina recently went through a breakup. After being together for over half a year, she is now navigating life as a single woman.

Curious about Celina’s ex? He is Algerian and resides in Germany, just like her. Interestingly, he also happens to be in the same university and class as Celina. It’s a complicated situation, as she has to see him and his new girlfriend every day. Hard to imagine, right?

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Celina isn’t the only one who’s single. Angelina Olive is too. It’s always great to connect with fellow viewers.

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dear sahabat semua terima kasih telah menonton senantiasa sehat selalu penuh keberkahan ,
celina akhirnya bercerita tentang hubungan cintanya , namun kisahnya ini membuat inces tuba ikut sedih ,
yuk ikutin videonya ya
terima kasih


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  1. Kita do'akan saja yg terbaik buat mereka…Toh gak ada ruginya jg buat kita kalo memang mereka tidak berjodoh….Kita bersyukur saja klo memang nantinya mereka sampai ke jenjang pernikahan…Dan banyak untungnya jg bagi konten reaktor yg mengikuti perjalanan kisah kisah mereka….pokoknya Sukses selalu deh buat Fiki Tugba…

  2. tugba, you have to focus & concentrate in this life. keep away thoughts and things that are not important. so avoid and don't serve haters, which can damage your health and psyche. You should Be careful dont get trapped by haters and don't waste your time responding to haters ok.
    Remember, haters are not useful for you, believe me.
    it this what it this, this is a life.
    Think about it. 🙄😇✌👍


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