Tulip Tree of the Magnolia Genus

# Magnolia Tulip Tree: A Care Guide for Beautiful Blooms

Are you a fan of the stunning Magnolia Tulip Tree? Join me, Carrie from Garden Rudiments, as I provide an update on my own gorgeous tulip magnolia tree. Despite the recent frost and cold nights that have caused some damage to the buds, these resilient trees are still striving to bloom.

In this video, I’ll share some insights on how I care for my robust tulip magnolia trees, including trimming tips and fertilization techniques. Plus, I’ll highlight the key differences between the Magnolia Tulip Tree and the Magnolia Grandiflora.

## Key Points:

– Magnolia Tulip Trees are hardy from Quebec to Texas and Florida[^1].
– While Southern magnolias are evergreen, tulip trees are deciduous, shedding their leaves each fall[^1].
– Magnolia Tulip Trees are smaller in size, reaching around 10 to 15 feet, compared to the towering 20 to 50 feet of Magnolia Grandiflora[^1].

If you’re passionate about gardening and love flowering trees, this video is perfect for you! Join me as I discuss tulip magnolia tree maintenance, share some breathtaking pictures, and answer common questions about these beautiful trees.

[![Magnolia Tulip Tree](](


– 0:00 Introduction and overview of the tulip magnolia tree
– 1:23 Assessing frost damage and blooming challenges
– 2:45 Pruning techniques for maintaining an open center
– 3:56 Fertilization tips for optimal growth and health
– 5:12 Understanding the differences between Magnolia Tulip Tree and Magnolia Grandiflora
– 6:30 Up-close pruning demonstration
– 7:48 Sharing your tulip magnolia tree pictures on Garden Rudiments’ Facebook page
– 8:15 Conclusion and invitation to upcoming videos on Garden Rudiments

Don’t let frost deter you from enjoying the beauty of your own tulip magnolia tree. Watch the full video for expert tips and care advice to help your tree thrive. And if you’re as passionate about these gorgeous trees as I am, share your own tulip magnolia pictures on Garden Rudiments’ Facebook page!

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[^1]: [Source](

Magnolia Tulip Tree of which I have two and mine are more like the bush type, are doing their best to bloom but we’ve had some very cold nights with frost that has burned the beautiful buds. I’m going to check to see if I need to do any trimming and talk to you about fertilizing.

The tulip tree, or Liriodendron tulipifera, was brought to Virginia by European settlers. It is hardy from Quebec to Texas and Florida. for watching! The Magnolia Tulip Tree stays a lot smaller with the plants around 10′-15′ and Magnolia Grandiflora can get 20′ to 50′. Southern magnolias are evergreen trees and tulip trees are deciduous – they drop their leaves each fall.
Pink Magnolia

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  1. Thank you.
    I have one of these gorgeous trees in my front landscaping and I need to remove a few more limbs that are crossing.

    Your tree looks very healthy.

  2. My DIL has one of these and this spring, shoots came out from the roots. I would really like to propagate some of these. I pinched some off, trimmed some off and tried to dig some at the very edge of roots. I put some in water and some in dirt. None are doing well. Does anyone know how to start one of these? Her"s is beautifuL!

  3. Any chance you've grown new trees from the seed pods? I have some green ones that are falling off my tree but i have zero idea what to do with them. I would love to grown some new trees if possible. Any pointers would be greatly helpful.

  4. I have three of these and struggling with all. One struggles with a vine that nearly strangles that I have to cut every year. Only get a few buds. One had some type of disease I cut it back and the tree got healthy and a million new stems full of leaves. The last one barely get leaves or any blooms. I am considering doing a hard pruning but dont want to damage them. Zone 7 Maryland when do you suggest I prune. I just noticed that I had to bloomed tulips but the heavy rains wilted them.

  5. That's not what I know as a Tulip tree. A Tulip Tree is a type of magnolia, but that's not it. Yellow Poplar/Tulip Tree is a fast growing TALL hardwood tree with yellow tulip shaped flowers and large tulip shaped leaves. That looks much more like a Jane or Saucer Magnolia.

  6. Hello from Northern California. I REALLY need help. I think my potted tulip tree baby is dieing. Trunk is 7in around, and was almost 8ft tall, in a 10 gal pot. I had a long illness and it suffered neglect. ALL the branches and upper half of the trunk became dead wood. Basically where branches started growing from the trunk and up was dead wood. I removed everything dead 😢🤧 and am left with a 4ft bare trunk in a pot.. Any place I scratch the remaining trunk bark IS green underneath. Can it possibly come back from this state? PS. Planting in the ground is not an option for me. What do you think? Is there any hope for my little tree?

  7. I have one but night before last it got down to 29, she doesn't look so good. Tons of buds on her and now they look terrible. But like you said, the tree will survive. Your tree looks nice, mine is only about 6 foot.

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