Tutoriel Simple et Rapide : Comment faire passer un cordon dans un pantalon ou un short ?

**Title: How to Insert a Cord or Lace in Pants/Shorts/Joggers/Sweatshirts/Hoodies | Couture Tutorial**

**Video Description:**

In this couture tutorial, Laura, a skilled seamstress and passionate about the craft, demonstrates how to easily insert a cord or lace into pants, shorts, joggers, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Follow along as she guides you through each step with precision.

This video is part of The Good Goods’ collection of tutorials aimed at teaching you how to repair your clothes, as featured in our comprehensive guide, “The Repair Bible.” Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in sewing, these tutorials will empower you to take care of and extend the life of your garments.

Special thanks to Tilli for sponsoring this video! Tilli is a groundbreaking service that reconnects artisans with customers, enabling the maintenance and longevity of everyday objects. With nearly 500 local tailors in the Tilli community, you can rely on their expertise to repair, adjust, and upcycle your clothing and home decor items. They offer convenient appointments at your home or their boutiques. Download their Android or IOS application using this link: [](

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**Tutorial Steps:**

1⃣ Insert the safety pin into one end of the cord or lace.
2⃣ Slide the cord through the hem using the safety pin.
3⃣ Tie a knot at the end of the cord.

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**Video Transcript:**

*Bonjour, je m’appelle Laura, and today I’ll show you a super simple tutorial on how to reinsert a cord into your jogging pants. For this tutorial, you’ll only need a safety pin and your jogging pants.*

*So, for this tutorial, it’s going to be really simple. It comprises only two steps. First, open the safety pin like this and thread it through your cord, then close it. That’s the first step.*

*As you can see, nothing too complicated. The second step is to pass the cord through the hem. To do this, slowly slide the pin through the hole in the jogging pants, and then slide it through the entire hem to move your cord forward.*

*While we’re at it, since this step takes a bit of time and involves simply passing the cord along the entire length of the hem, let’s talk about the sponsor of this video, Tilli. Tilli is an online and boutique tailoring service that makes it incredibly easy for you to repair or transform your clothes.*

*Now, you’ll finally be able to bring your pin out the other side of the jogging pants, and there you go, you’re almost done. Now that you’ve brought out the cord on the other side, make sure to have roughly the same length of cord on both sides, like this. For example, this looks good enough. Remove the safety pin like this, and tie a knot on the other side to prevent your cord from slipping out, which would require you to repeat this slightly annoying process. And that’s it! Thank you for following this tutorial. If you want to learn even more about repairing your clothes, you can find all our tutorials in “The Repair Bible” or on our social networks.*

*Your ultimate destination for sustainable fashion and repair.*

*Love, The Good Goods Team *

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Laura, couturière hors pair et passionnée par ce domaine, nous montre comment insérer un cordon ou lacet dans un pantalon / short / jogging / sweat / hoodie

Cette vidéo fait partie des tutoriels que vous propose The Good Goods pour apprendre à réparer ses vêtements dans le cadre de notre ouvrage, la Bible de La réparation

Merci à Tilli d’avoir sponsorisé cette vidéo !
Tilli est le premier service qui reconnecte l’artisan au client pour entretenir et faire perdurer ses objets du quotidien.
La communauté Tilli compte près de 500 couturiers locaux pour vous accompagner à réparer, ajuster et upcycler vos vêtements et éléments de décoration.
RDV à domicile ou dans leurs boutiques.
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Les étapes du tuto pas à pas :

1⃣ Plantez l’épingle à nourrice dans l’extrémité du cordon

2⃣ Faire glisser le cordon grâce à l’épingle à nourrice dans l’ourlet

3⃣ Faire un noeud au bout du cordon

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Laura Laurens

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  1. Bonjour d'Isabelle…je suis contente d'avoir vu votre astuce car je viens de mettre en machine un corsaire pour le sport et j'ai été surprise de voir le lacet se balader tt seul dans la machine donc je vais essayer votre astuce, merci beaucoup. Isabelle

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