Una introducción a la permacultura

**Title: Permaculture Basics: Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities**

*Keywords/tags: permacultura, siembra, saberes, comunidades*

Welcome to our YouTube video on the basics of permaculture and its potential for developing sustainable and resilient communities. In this video, Valentina Castaño, a Master’s degree holder in science education, shares valuable insights and knowledge.

Permaculture is a system of design that focuses on creating a symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth, ensuring sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. By exploring various aspects of permaculture, Valentina highlights practical actions and practices that can be integrated into daily life to foster wisdom and consciousness in our interaction with nature.

Valentina’s journey into permaculture began when she discovered its inherent connection to indigenous philosophies while studying at the Temple of Bárzana. Inspired by this connection, she embarked on a path of integrating permaculture principles into her community, finding that the underlying principles were universal and applicable across cultures.

In this video, Valentina introduces the concept of permaculture, emphasizing its importance in current times and within the context of temple activities. She provides an anecdote from her time at the Temple of Bárzana, where she experienced a transformative moment of realization about the significance of permaculture in indigenous cultures. This realization prompted her to dive deeper into the subject, seeking to integrate spiritual and ecological wisdom in a cohesive manner.

During the presentation, Valentina explores the different components of permaculture, delving into topics such as land management, organic food production, eco-friendly architecture, and appropriate technologies. She emphasizes the importance of utilizing resources within our immediate environment, supporting the principle of starting from the local level and gradually expanding to larger scales.

By adopting permaculture principles, we can build sustainable and resilient communities that harmonize with nature, reduce reliance on unsustainable practices, and promote conscious living. Join Valentina in this engaging presentation as she shares her knowledge and experiences in permaculture.


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Conferencia sobre los aspectos básicos de la permacultura brindada a la comunidad Vaishnava y posibilidades existentes en este campo para el desarrollo de comunidades sostenibles y resilientes.
Valentina Castaño
Magister en enseñanza de las ciencias
Valentina Hoyos

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