Unconventional Lady at Haight Ashbury Street Fair on June 9th, 2019

# Rockstar Jackets and Gothic Jewelry: Exploring the Unique Bitch Clothing Line with Brenda Goff
In this episode, we catch up with our old friend “Voluptuous” Brenda Goff, the founder of the Unique Bitch clothing line. Brenda shares her passion for creating one-of-a-kind, custom-made rockstar jackets, along with unique shirts and Gothic jewelry.

At Unique Bitch, it’s all about being different, standing out, and showing off your personality with bold fashion choices. The clothing line has been a hit at events like the Haight Street Fair and Earth Days, where owner Brenda showcases her eco-friendly upcycled designs.

Gone are the days of Brenda modeling her revealing clothing, instead, she’s all about showcasing her innovative designs. One of the standouts is the Scully jacket, which combines custom branding for a unique texture.

The Unique Bitch boutique also features hand-painted accessories, real leather, and suede clothing, ensuring you get top quality for a fair price. No mass production or Kardashian-inspired designs here!

Many entertainers love the Unique Bitch clothing line, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re a performer or just someone who wants to stand out at the next event, adding a one-of-a-kind jacket or a Gothic piece of jewelry from Unique Bitch to your outfit will definitely make you feel rockstar-worthy.

So, head over to Unique Bitch’s Instagram or Facebook page to check out their amazing designs. And don’t forget, if you follow them, Brenda will even treat you to a free t-shirt!


– [Unique Bitch Clothing Line Facebook page](
– [Unique Bitch Clothing Line Instagram profile](

Outtake from episode #730: We talk to our old friend “Voluptuous” Brenda Goff and her “Unique Bitch”clothing line.Haight

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