Unleashing Creativity in the Capital: London Fashion Week AW14 Unveils its Artistic Side

## Creative London Event – London Fashion Week Collections AW14

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Join top fashion icons like Anna Wintour, Christopher Bailey, Richard E. Grant, and James Corden as they discuss the latest trends and share their thoughts on the Autumn/Winter 14 Collections at London Fashion Week AW14. Get exclusive insights, what to expect, and much more.

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In this video, we showcase the incredible talent and creativity that Britain has to offer. From fashion and music to film and design, Britain has become a global powerhouse. With its fearless and imaginative designers, London Fashion Week never fails to impress. Each show is a unique experience, filled with diversity and individual expression.

Come and discover the vibrant and artistic energy that London has to offer. Join us on this fashion-filled journey and be inspired by the dynamic world of British fashion.

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Creative London Event – London Fashion Week Collections AW14


Various celebrities including Anna Wintour, Christopher Bailey, Richard E. Grant and James Corden talk about fashion at London Fashion Week AW14, sharing thoughts on the Autumn/Winter 14 Collections, what to expect and much, much more. Subscribe to British Fashion TV:

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