Unveiling the identity of Barbara Sanchez-Kane: The creative force behind Latino Couture

**[Video Title: Exploring the Revolutionary Designs of Barbara Sanchez-Kane in Mexican Fashion]**

Welcome back to the Fashion Roadman channel! In today’s video, we will dive into the innovative and thought-provoking designs of Barbara Sanchez-Kane, a prominent Mexican menswear fashion designer. Known for her experimental creations and political statements, Sanchez-Kane has made a significant impact on the fashion industry.

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In her designs, Sanchez-Kane expertly combines her Latin culture with traditional design techniques, resulting in a unique and captivating aesthetic. She pushes for gender equality and challenges the norms of Mexican fashion, redefining how Mexicans can dress.

At the core of Sanchez-Kane’s work lies the concept of **”macho sentimental”**, which she passionately embodies in her collections. This phrase refers to individuals who embrace their emotions regardless of gender, breaking free from the toxic masculinity associated with aggression and violence. Sanchez-Kane believes that education is crucial in dismantling these harmful stereotypes.

It is important to note that although Sanchez-Kane is known for menswear, she uses the term “menswear” as a marketing strategy for sizing purposes. Her designs cater to the idea of “macho sentimental” and are inclusive of all individuals who wish to express their emotions freely.

To further understand the brilliance of Barbara Sanchez-Kane’s work, let’s explore two of her notable collections:

1. **Springtime 2017 Collection: “Citizen”**: This collection encapsulates two significant themes. First, it highlights feminism in Mexican society, shedding light on the changing role of women and breaking traditional stereotypes. Second, it addresses the social and political climate surrounding the United States at the time, particularly in relation to Trump’s rhetoric and the anti-Mexican sentiments. As a Mexican-American, Sanchez-Kane beautifully merges her dual heritage in this collection, aiming to create a new citizen who embraces imperfections and advocates for peaceful dialogue and equality.

2. **Fall/Winter 2018 Collection**: Inspired by personal experiences, this collection explores the designer’s past relationship with a woman involved in the LGBTQIA+ movement. Sanchez-Kane incorporates a pillow as a headpiece to symbolize vulnerability and uses graphic design collaboration with tattoo artist Patricia Erdogan to create linocut visuals on the fabrics. The collection challenges societal expectations by empowering men to freely express their emotions, featuring striking pieces that convey the sensitivity and strength of the “macho sentimental” man.

Despite her undeniable talent and contributions to the fashion world, Sanchez-Kane faces challenges in her home country of Mexico due to the prevalent homophobia still present in society. However, she continues to make a powerful impact through her innovative designs and unwavering commitment to advocating for gender equality.

For a more in-depth understanding of Barbara Sanchez-Kane’s work, I encourage you to explore her collections and research further. Her designs will leave you inspired, questioning societal norms, and embracing the idea of a more inclusive and emotionally expressive world.

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Barbara Sánchez-Kane is a Mexican menswear fashion designer. She is known for her experimental and political statements mixed with her fashion designs.




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  1. Thank you for making this video, Sanchez Kane is awesome and it this videos help to make her known 'cause here in Mexico she's not too popular. You should make a video about Jonathan Morales from No Name, he has dressed Lisa and Rose from Black Pink with incredible designs that include Mexican objects.

  2. I would also add that the concept of macho sentimental for me is that by doing that very thing that society says you can't, or shouldn't, that very act makes you macho.

  3. CORRECTION There is a lot of Catholic churches in Mexico.. However this guy misses the mark on The impact that the catholic church has had on queer cultura to Mexican people. Calling Catholics =Christians is like calling a Brazillian a El Savadorian… Completely different. She has some cool pieces but over all The clothes presented as is comes across as unweareable. There is a difference of someone who has style as opposed to someone who bows down to fashion. Could i wear some of her stuff yes.. yet She is not a Rick Owens or Walter Van Beirendonck..

  4. I disagree that "Mexican press" is rejecting her work. Quite the contrary, she is being embraced as a new ambassador of Mexican fashion identity. Vogue Mexico has published her work, she does performances at various important art locations in Mexico City, etc. Not everyone in Mexico is "primitive", as you mentioned.

  5. The cruel reality is that in México we can only afford some socks from SK or a t-shirt , her prices are insane, cool philosophy but it's not marketed for us, only foreigners can afford her stuff.

  6. Mexico has a hard time accepting b/c there is no education for it. School is not public and free like other countries. Minimum wage is $5 usd a day. She had the luxury of living in the states and learning this diversity. I’m droning on, but Mexicans are good people and it’s the politicians that steal the education resources from them that deserve the artistic attacks, not the population as a whole.

  7. amazing video! i love her designs
    other latin american designers i really like are guadalupe gajardo from chile, maria ponce from mexico, romina cardillo creator of the brand nous etudions from argentina and ilse jara from paraguay😊 hope more latin american designers start beign more known in the fashion world in the future

  8. Growing up in the north of England there’s nobody who enjoys talking fashion, you get dodgey eyes for wearing anything contemporary. Watching you feels like a conversation with not just someone passionate about clothing but also talking to a mate. You’re gonna go far mate.

  9. Hellooow! Im mexican and i fcking love this brand , about what you said of fashion critis and homophobia stuff , i have never seen that critics honestly , culture appropriation is what is critized the most , and its bc this brand focus on a especific economic level

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