Unveiling the January 2022 Coven – Monthly Spooky Subscription Box

# Coven Horror Fest Box | January Unboxing and Review

Welcome to my channel! In today’s video, I have an exciting unboxing for you. I’ll be showcasing the Coven Horror Fest Box for the month of January. This UK-based subscription box is perfect for horror enthusiasts and witchy souls. Join me as we delve into the spooky and unusual items that await us!

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Each month, the Coven Horror Fest Box delivers a curated selection of at least 7 creepy, kooky, spooky, and unusual items right to your doorstep. And the best part? All the items are cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with ethical values. This month’s box embraces the exciting theme of horror fest, and it promises to be a treat for every horror lover out there.

Before we dive into the unboxing, I’d like to mention that this box was gifted to me without any obligations, ensuring that my opinions are entirely unbiased and 100% genuine.

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Without further ado, let’s jump right into the contents of the Coven Horror Fest Box for January:

– First, we have an adorable plush Pennywise, standing at 8.5 inches. This Funko Pop-inspired teddy is perfect for adding a touch of horror to any room.

– Next, we uncover a mini Funko Pop mystery, and to our delight, it’s a tiny yet detailed Jason figure. These mini Funko Pops make for great collectibles!

– We also find a Saw patch that reads “Hello, I want to play a game,” featuring Jigsaw. This patch can be ironed onto your favorite jacket or sewn on for a trendy horror-inspired accessory.

– The box also includes a charming set of dangling earrings, featuring a ghost face head and a mirrored blood knife. Even if you’re not a fan of earrings, these can be repurposed into keyrings or necklaces.

– To match the earrings, we find a matching choker with a ghost face pendant, offering a complete set for horror enthusiasts.

– An exclusive button pin from Fangirl Pins on Etsy catches our eye, bearing the phrase “Final Girl.” Although I prefer push pins, this button badge is undeniably cute.

– Nail stickers featuring bloody handprints, lips, crosses, and blood drips add a touch of horror to your manicure routine. Follow the instructions to apply these stylish and spooky nail decorations.

– What horror-themed box would be complete without a set of chilling stickers? We receive stickers featuring Hellraiser, Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason, and Pennywise. Perfect for decorating notebooks, laptops, and more.

– A delightful strawberry-scented soap steals our attention next. The soap bar, called “Psycho Bunch,” showcases favorite horror characters such as Michael, Freddy, Ghostface, Jason, and Jigsaw in cute red and white blood splatter design.

– Horror cuties stickers feature adorable baby versions of various horror icons. These stickers are simply too cute to resist!

– Last but not least, we discover a hand-painted wooden plaque featuring Freddy Krueger with the words “Sweet Dreams.” While it may not be my personal style, it adds a unique touch for horror enthusiasts.

All in all, the Coven Horror Fest Box for January exceeded my expectations. With a thoughtful curation of spooky and stylish items, it’s a subscription box that any horror lover would appreciate. Don’t miss out on future monthly boxes, follow the link below to join Coven and discover the magic of horror-themed surprises!

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Thank you for watching, and I’ll catch you in the next video!

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Each month, as if by magic, a themed box containing a range of creepy, kooky, spooky and unusual items will arrive at your door. Minimum of 7 items.
All Cruelty-free and Vegan
This is the November box.

U.K – ​​£32.99 per month + Free Shipping

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Makeup worn in video –
Lipstick – Medusas Makeup ‘Stripper’
Eyeshadow – Rude Cosmerics ‘Cest fantastique’
Lashes – Unicorn Cosmetics ‘Not basic’

Disclaimer: This was gifted to me without any obligations to film, all opinions are unbiased and 100% my own!Coven

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  1. I really wish they would use the old Tim Curry Pennywise. I'm not a fan of the new ones face but the movie was good. The old one still freaks me out I can't even watch it 😹 im pretty sure I was so scared I blocked it out of my mind watching it. I loved this box! I'm deff signing up for this box!!!!

  2. I was going to get this box ..still not sure,I'm a bit old for stickers lol the odd one ok ..plush pennywise cool…soap cool ..EARINGS SUPER COOL ..yeah OK ..that plaque is ridiculous 😒 lol 😆 I dont know why they put thst in there
    Your lip looks cool … your tattoo just had a butchers xxx superb

  3. What a great box!!! (Loved the Pennywise plushie obviously…😅 and all the rest is sooo cool!) Congrats on your Pennywise tattoo!!! I’m a big fan 😃😃😃 Funny thing: 4 months ago, I had the exact same piercings as yours (the left nostril and right labret for years (and tongue…) and in November, I got my second labret, second nostril, and septum pierced 😂 tattoo on hand and fingers last month, and a big piece coming next month 😉 Anyway your second labret looks wonderful! xxx
    Ps: I’m really sorry for not commenting a lot since a few months, I had massive internet problems 😕😕😕 could sometimes comment, sometimes not 😭 solved now hopefully!!! ☺️

  4. Interesting enough I just watched a documentary about Sophie Lancaster. It was awful what happened to her just for being different. As for the box it’s not one that I would get however the items were cute. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I know you hear this all the time but I'd love a "get ready with me" video, I love all your videos but I'd like to see how your makeup comes together so perfect, I dont even wear lashes but Iv just ordered those ones your wearing because they look awesome on you 🤣

  6. I love box 📦 everything is brilliant I love the plushy yes I’ve seen that actually looks amazing Thank you for sharing thank you keep safe All and family 🧛‍♀️🖤💜🧟‍♀️🎮🎮

  7. I really liked the items in this box! I won a giveaway with Coven once where I recieved a box and it was honestly the best mystery box I've ever recieved!

  8. I recently found out what Happened to Sophie & her boyfriend & it's an absolute tragedy in so many ones. My heart truly goes out to her mum & her boyfriend. As soon as I heard about it I had to donate & share the awareness that needs more light.

  9. I actually thought of you yesterday when I was at target. They are selling little horror character action figures and they had one of Sam from Trick'rTreat. They had several other characters from different films, but I know how much you love Sam. I think walmart has some of them too.

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