Versatile Sawhorses and Compact Workbench: A Multifunctional Solution

Making Multifunctional Sawhorses at Workshop with Unique Design for Use as Workbench!

Are you looking for a versatile and practical addition to your workshop? Look no further! In this video, we will guide you through the process of creating homemade sawhorses that not only serve as traditional sawhorses but can also be transformed into a functional workbench. This innovative design will revolutionize your woodworking experience.

What makes these sawhorses stand out is their adjustability and Japanese-inspired craftsmanship. We will demonstrate how to incorporate T-TRACK technology, which enhances the flexibility and adaptability of the sawhorses. With this feature, you can easily adjust the height and position of your workbench, making it perfectly suited to your specific woodworking projects.

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Join the woodworking revolution with our multifunctional sawhorses. Discover the possibilities of a mini workbench and experience the convenience of a versatile workspace. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your woodworking game.

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making a Multifunctional Sawhorses at workshop, unique design, also we can use it as Workbench!
homemade Sawhorses

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  1. I am just starting to put my workshop together that has to go in my two car garage. My wife insists that we be able to park both of our cars inside at least in the winter. I have room across the back for a 1 meter deep workbench where I can have a miter saw station, a router cabinet and a bunch of drawers under it. And on one end I can put my table saw built into a rolling cabinet that I can roll out into the middle of the space. But the workbench across the back wall doesn't work very well for as an assembly table since you can only access one side of it.

    What I couldn't figure out is how to have a large-ish (around 1 x 2 meters) assembly table (and outfeed table for the table saw) that could fit against the walls of the garage when it is being used for its secondary usage as a place to park cars. I think your sawhorse design gives me a solution.

    I can make a worktop that sits on these massive and stable sawhorses so that the worktop is flush with the outer sides and edges of the sawhorse (so I can take advantage of all the vertical clamping capabilities of the sawhorses in conjunction with the T-tracks and dog holes in the worktop). Some brackets that attach to the underside of the worktop and on the inside of the sawhorses would lock the two together. When I need to put the assembly table away, I just lift off the worktop and stand it vertically against the wall and then put the two sawhorses in front of it.

    I will have to be careful to not make the worktop too heavy that I struggle to lift it on and off, yet still make it sturdy enough to remain perfectly flat and stiff to serve as a reference during assembly. So the easy solution of a 19 mm high grade plywood on the bottom with a 12.5 – 19 mm MDF/melamine top is likely to be too heavy. Maybe the solution is to make the worktop a shallow torsion box. And of course the sawhorses by themselves have a million uses. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Спасибо за видео очень круто получилось смотрю ваши видео 💪. Только лишь один вопрос крутая мастерская а почему нет стружка удаления?

  3. а что насичёт работы на этом верстаке ручным инструментом (например, рубанок)? не шаволица он, с места не двигается?

  4. Effing 5h17, are they huge or are they huge? Musta be nice to have ancestors operating a successful timber business for coupla centuries, 'round 'ere one pays good money for quality, dimensionaly stable timber in those sizes

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