Vestalife Displays its Stylish iPod Docks at CES 2010

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**Title: Vestalife iPod/iPhone Docks – Unique Designs for Your Music Experience**

Welcome to’s Internet video series, featuring Andrew Moore-Crispin. In this episode, Andrew interviews Fred Faulkner, the CEO of Vestalife, to discuss their innovative designs for iPod/iPhone docks that cater to different market segments.

#### Discover Unique Designs and Functionality

Vestalife’s speaker systems stand out from the rest with their visually appealing aesthetics and exceptional sound quality. Unlike traditional iPod/iPhone docks, these designs specifically target women, teens, tweens, sports enthusiasts, and gamers.

Visit [Vestalife’s website]( or browse through all the [Apple store locations]( worldwide to purchase these one-of-a-kind docks.

#### Award-Winning Design and Features

One of Vestalife’s docks, known as the “Firefly,” received the prestigious 2010 Design Emergency Award. Though each dock has its own unique design, they all share common features, including compatibility with all iPod models and iPhones.

No more frustrating “device not supported” messages – Vestalife’s docks are here to enhance your listening experience.

#### Versatility in Travel and Power

Every Vestalife dock comes with an AC power option and includes plug adapters for all countries, ensuring that you can take your music with you wherever you go. Additionally, each dock is battery-operated for ultimate convenience.

#### Models and Pricing

Vestalife has made it easy to remember their model names. The Ladybug is the entry-level dock, perfect for those on a budget. The Firefly, the proud winner of the 2010 Design Emergency Award, offers exceptional performance at a competitive price. Lastly, the flagship dock, named the Mantis, provides premium features and a remarkable music experience.

– Ladybug: [View on Vestalife](
– Firefly: [View on Vestalife](
– Mantis: [View on Vestalife](

#### Where to Buy

These docks are available at select retail stores, Apple stores, and Vestalife’s official website. The new product line has just launched, so make sure to grab your Vestalife dock today and enjoy your favorite tunes with style and clarity.

[Check out this video on YouTube for more information](

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Andrew Moore-Crispin talks with Fred Faulkner CEO of Vestalife about its unique designs for iPod/iPhone docks. Vestalife’s speaker systems look very different from the majority of docks out there, and target very different audiences. A Internet video series by Faulkner

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