Vintage Military Phone from World War II Featured on Dickinson’s Real Deal: HomeStyle Edition | S10 E57

#Dickinson’s Real Deal Episode 57: Antique Treasures in Cheshire, England

Welcome to a thrilling episode of Dickinson’s Real Deal! Join renowned antique expert, David Dickinson, as he assists guests in maximizing their profits from cherished family heirlooms. Will today’s participants strike it rich or face disappointment? Tune in to find out!

In this entertaining series, a trio of expert antique dealers come face to face with individuals looking for offers on their prized possessions. The contestants are presented with a crucial decision – do they accept the guaranteed cash offer or take a gamble at the auction house?

Placing their trust in the unpredictable outcomes of the auction, contestants must weigh the potential for big windfalls against the risk of utter failure. It’s a captivating game of chance that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats!

Throughout this captivating episode, you’ll witness an array of valuable antiques, including a stunning jewelry collection, collectible coins, vintage pocket watches, and even rare World War Two military phones. The anticipation builds as our guests navigate the complexities of the antique market, hoping to strike gold.

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Prepare to be captivated by the charm of David Dickinson and the fascinating world of antiques in Cheshire, England. Immerse yourself in the excitement and suspense as owners and dealers go head to head, making deals and taking risks that could change their lives forever.

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Don’t miss this gripping episode of Dickinson’s Real Deal!

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Series: Dickinson’s Real Deal
Episode: Series 10 Episode 57
Location: Cheshire

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A trio of antique dealers decide whether or not to make offers for people’s possessions or allow the owners to take a risk at auction.

Welcome to Dickinson’s Real Deal. Dickinson: the flamboyant antique expert helps the public make the most money from their old antiques. Are today’s guests about to produce big windfalls or big busts? Find out!

The challenge is how to get the best deal. Contestants meet the dealers who offer cash for an item. The seller must decide whether to accept the guaranteed money or risk fortune or failure in the auction room. Of course, placing one’s trust in a positive auction outcome is a gamble in itself! Will they make the right choice?David Dixon

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