Vitorino Campos discusses his debut collection at SPFW

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**Title: Vitorino Campos – Making Waves at São Paulo Fashion Week**

Discover the genius behind Vitorino Campos’ mesmerizing fashion designs as he opens up about his relationship with lines and his brand’s graphic and clean aesthetic. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Vitorino Campos, an esteemed Brazilian fashion designer making waves at São Paulo Fashion Week.

In his latest collection, “Não Tradução” (Translation: No Translation), Campos takes us on a journey where words fail to convey the intricate beauty of his creations[^1^]. With his innate sense of style, Campos has already gained recognition in the industry at just 24 years old. His signature clean designs, structured pieces, rigid color palette, and exquisite choice of materials, including luxurious Italian silk, embody sophistication[^2^].

Before making his mark at São Paulo Fashion Week, Campos had already showcased his talent in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. As the renowned website L’Officiel Brasil caught up with him backstage, Campos discussed the DNA of his brand and how his inclusion in the fashion week lineup has transformed his journey[^3^].

Produced by L’Officiel Brasil, this exclusive interview provides valuable insights into the mind of a visionary fashion designer, Vitorino Campos[^4^]. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain exclusive access to the creative process behind his highly anticipated summer 2013 collection.

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“Eu tenho que descobrir qual o meu relacionamento com linhas, tenho que entender de onde vem isso”, confessa o estilista Vitorino Campos_ele fala da pegada gráfica e limpa de suas peças, que encantaram o público do SPFW na estreia de sua marca no evento. Não Tradução é o nome da coleção verão 2013 do estilista baiano, que trata exatamente das coisas que não conseguimos colocar em palavras. Aos 24 anos, Vitorino já pode dizer ser reconhecido pelo seu estilo_o design clean, as peças estruturadas, a cartela de cores rígida, a escolha sofisticada de materiais (o verão 2013 é todo em seda italiana). Antes do SPFW, já havia desfilado no Rio de Janeiro e em Fortaleza. O site L’Officiel bateu um papo de backstage com ele sobre o dna de sua marca e o que muda com entrada no line up da semana de moda paulistana.

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Vitorino Campos

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