Viviendo con depresión en el extranjero: Mi experiencia por Feña Carolina ♡

**[Tutorial] Living with Depression in Germany – My Experience**

In this video, I share my personal experience of living in Germany and dealing with depression. I want to make it clear that I’m not seeking sympathy or claiming to be an expert on the topic. I only know what my therapists have told me and what I’ve learned from researching online. I apologize in advance if I misuse any concepts. I hope you find this video useful.

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing great. Today’s video is all about mental health and my personal experience dealing with certain mental health issues. It’s a topic that I’ve seen addressed in English videos, but I wanted to talk about it in Spanish because I feel like there’s not enough content out there in my language. I want to discuss depression, anxiety, and how things have been, especially since I’m living far away from everything I know and love.

Before we dive into the video, I want to apologize for my hair, which looks a bit strange. I washed it about 4 or 5 hours ago, and it’s taking forever to dry. Also, the video quality may not be the best because I left my camera in Chile. I’m currently recording with my iPad, using the front camera. I initially planned to film this as a makeup tutorial, but halfway through, I realized I wasn’t actually recording because I had the camera pointing the wrong way. So, I switched to the front camera, and I apologize if it bothers you. I’ve uploaded videos recorded with the front camera before, so hopefully, it’ll be okay.

To be honest, this video is not very prepared. I didn’t plan it; it’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now. Just to give you some context, a few weeks ago, I saw another YouTuber discussing a similar topic, and it reignited my desire to address it. So, here we are.

For those who have been following my channel since 2015 when I went on an exchange program, you may know that I’ve had a longstanding encounter with depression. I’ve been dealing with recurrent depressive episodes for the past 10 or 11 years, which is quite a long time considering I’m only 24. My mental health journey has also involved tackling anxiety for almost the same amount of time. It’s been a tough journey, and I haven’t found that middle ground or balance yet. But today, I want to talk about what it’s like living with these issues when you’re far away from everything you know.

Back in Chile, I had a therapist who practiced alternative medicine, and they were helping me a lot. I also had regular therapy sessions, but unfortunately, I don’t have that support here in Germany. Not speaking German makes it incredibly challenging to find therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists who speak Spanish or English. It feels like language plays a significant role in effectively expressing oneself and getting the help needed. In the past five months since I’ve been in Germany, I’ve had some really tough moments regarding my mental health. It was something I was afraid of when I decided to come here. I had many fears about experiencing depressive episodes, anxiety attacks, and the difficulty of managing them alone.

For example, when panic attacks hit me hard, I need someone nearby to help me calm down. If there’s no one around, I often find myself unable to function. I also have episodes where suicidal thoughts haunt me constantly. So, it’s safe to say that my mental health is not in the best place. Lately, in the past two months, it has been especially challenging. It all started when I arrived here. Being alone and feeling lonely triggered a wave of anxiety. I started going out more with a friend I have here, and that helped alleviate some of the stress. But then, things changed when I moved to a different apartment. Initially, I got along well with my roommate, which was a significant relief. Being in contact with other human beings made it easier to control my thoughts. But after about a month and a half, something changed in our relationship, and everything became more challenging.

Living with anxiety is strange because you’re aware that your thoughts might not be rational, yet there’s always that voice in the back of your mind, making you doubt everything. For instance, I wasn’t even sure if my roommate hated me, but in my head, that was the reality. I didn’t want to see them because it made me incredibly uncomfortable to share the same space with someone who despised me. We were both living in the same apartment, and there were days when I would skip meals just to avoid going to the kitchen and running into them. There were even days when I wouldn’t use the bathroom for hours, waiting for them to fall asleep before going in. These are the lengths I went to avoid any interaction that could trigger my anxiety or depressive episodes.

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Hola gente, hoy les traigo un video en donde les comento cómo ha sido mi experiencia viviendo en Alemania y sufriendo de depresión.
Quiero aclarar que no pretendo dar lástima como este video, ni mucho menos decir que tengo el conocimiento absoluto sobre el tema. Sólo sé lo que me han comentado mis terapeutas y lo que me he ido informando por internet. De igual forma, quiero disculparme de antemano si utilicé algún concepto de forma errónea.
Les dejo un abrazo enorme y espero que puedan encontrar este video util.


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Carolina Ordoñez

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  1. Hola Feña
    Cómo has estado? Se que el video es muy antiguo.. pero quisiera saber como has logrado sobrellevar la depresión y la ansiedad? Vivo hace un año en Alemania y me siento totalmente identificada contigo

    Un abrazo para ti,

  2. Hola mi querida amiga te saluda rosura de costa rica ten fe en Dios que la fe i la esperansa nunca tienen fin jehova es mi luz y mi salvasion de quien e de temer jehova es la plaza fuerte de mi vida !de quien he de sentir pavor? Quiero ser tu amiga quiero ayudarte con tu depresion quiero alludarte con tu deprecion este es mi numero 507+63269133 tienes que tener linea movistar

  3. Uno de los dolores mas grandes que puede vivir un ser humano es estan enfermo..y solo…ea muy dificil levantarse.. darse animos..sin sentir la cercania…el calor de los seres queridos…lo mucho que necesitamos afecto…contension…cariño…he vivido y vivo lejos de toda mi familia…a 10 horas de distancia…mucho dolor…angustia..ansiedad y depresion…pero se puede salir..busca actividadea que te llenen…que te sumen…que te hagan sentir bien…rodeate de buenos amigos…pero intentes resolver tus problemas con relaciones sentimentales vacias…que no aportan nada a tu vida…eres una mujer valiente…y muy inteligente …si yo pude..tu seguro tambien…no estas sola mujer!!! un abrazo gigante!!! espero tengas una maravillosa semana!😘

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