Vogue at SPFW N53: Weider Silveiro Takes the Spotlight

#VogueNoSPFW: The Legacy of Madame Grès Inspires Wider Silverio’s Collection

In this captivating YouTube video from Vogue Brasil, fashion designer Wider Silverio takes us on a journey into his latest collection, drawing inspiration from the iconic Madame Grès. With a focus on tailoring, velvet, sequins, and structured shoulders, Silverio brings his vision to the runway with a stunning display of monochromatic looks.

With over 15 years of experience and visibility in the industry, Silverio first gained recognition through his participation in Casa de Criadores. His expertise and passion shine through in this collection, which beautifully showcases off-white, black, and blue tones, with hints of shimmer and patterns.

Originally planned as a digital event, Silverio’s excitement grew when Paulo Borges decided to host the show in person. This led Silverio to push the boundaries of his designs even further, resulting in a truly exceptional runway experience.

Watch the video to catch a glimpse of Carlos Queiroz’s impeccable coverage, perfectly capturing the essence of Wider Silverio’s collection.

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Video Transcript:
(Music playing)
[00:00:05] Homemade ABB Jono anemone connectivity sudah cukup maju Lontong stand by [Musik] the nice pasca.

#VogueNoSPFW: o legado de Madame Grès foi o ponto de partida para @WiderSilverio desenvolver sua coleção nesta temporada, levando alfaiataria, veludo, paetê e ombros marcados à passarela. “Eu produzi uma constância de looks monocromáticos, mas há uma parte com brilhos e estampas, em tons de off-white, preto e azul”, conta o estilista que ganhou visibilidade na indústria com sua presença na Casa de Criadores por 15 anos. O desfile inicialmente seria digital (conforme fez há duas temporadas), mas quando @pborgesj, decidiu organizar o evento em formato presencial, Weider se animou. “Acabei me esmerando um pouco mais”. (Via @ThiagoBaltazar)

Vídeo: @carlosqueirozi
Coordenação digital: @renatagarciac e @laisfranklin
Assist. vídeo: @naapazz
Montadora: @vegabnvs

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