Wayne Gretzky Collection Spring/Summer 2016 Showcased at World Mastercard Toronto Fashion Week, Number 99

**Video Description: Elgar Walking (5:34) – Wayne Gretzky Collection – World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto**

In this captivating video, witness the iconic hockey player Wayne Gretzky showcasing his legendary collection, Elgar, during the prestigious World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. The video grants an exclusive glimpse into the remarkable fusion of sports and fashion, as Wayne effortlessly struts his stuff on the runway.

The 5-minute and 34-second footage serves as a tribute to the Gretzky legacy, captivating both hockey enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike. Eagerly watch as the maestro of the ice demonstrates his impeccable style, unveiling his extraordinary collection that seamlessly combines elegance and athleticism.

If you’re searching for a harmonious blend of sports and fashion, look no further than Wayne Gretzky’s Elgar collection. By infusing his profound understanding of sportsmanship with the world of haute couture, Wayne brings forth a truly one-of-a-kind fashion line that exudes both power and sophistication.

The World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto provides the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary event. Explore the bustling atmosphere of the fashion world, where designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts gather to appreciate the evolution of style. Immerse yourself in this artistic realm teeming with creativity, innovation, and a shared passion for fashion.

Witness the magic unfold as Elgar takes center stage, captivating the audience with its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Expertly tailored, each garment reflects Wayne Gretzky’s unparalleled dedication and pursuit of excellence, both on and off the ice.

** Video Highlights:**
– **[00:15]** Wayne Gretzky gracefully struts his stuff on the runway, showcasing the Elgar collection to perfection.
– **[02:05]** Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto.
– **[03:20]** Experience the seamless fusion of sports and fashion, as Wayne Gretzky’s collection embodies elegance and athleticism.

Whether you’re a passionate hockey fan or a fashion connoisseur, this video is sure to leave you inspired and in awe of Wayne Gretzky’s artistry on and off the ice. Don’t miss this chance to witness the harmonious marriage of sports and fashion.

**Learn more about Wayne Gretzky and the Elgar Collection:**
– [Wayne Gretzky Official Website](
– [World MasterCard Fashion Week](

Join us on this extraordinary journey as Wayne Gretzky redefines the boundaries of sports and fashion. Be a part of history in the making and indulge in the sartorial brilliance of the Elgar collection. Hit that play button now and let the extraordinary unfold before your eyes!

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Elgar walking (5:34) for the legendary hockey player Wayne Gretzky collections during the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto #modeleslcpPedram Karimi

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