Weekly Vlog: Unveiling the Secrets of a Brand Job Behind the Scenes

# Weekly Vlog – Organization, Content Creation, and Plant-Based Grazing Board

Welcome to my latest weekly vlog where I take you through my day-to-day life in London and Penarth, Wales. My name is Katie Snooks, and I am a lifestyle influencer who enjoys sharing my experiences with my audience. In this video, I tackle the task of organizing my office space and share my tips on how to keep things tidy.

I also take you behind the scenes of a brand job that I am really excited about. I’ve bought loads of props, including a beautiful linen tablecloth, wooden bowls, vase, and a grazing board, to create a beautiful plant-based grazing board for a snack brand. It’s a job that I’m really looking forward to filming, and I show you my creative process in creating a treatment for the content.

In addition to the above, I take you with me on my travels to Wales and show you my cute hotel room. We explore the seaside town of Penarth and have a lovely time. I also show you my outfit, which includes my favorite Uniqlo trousers, Birkenstocks, and a new suede bag.

If you’re interested in the items I mentioned in the video, then you could find them in the links below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and my blog for more updates.

– Linen Napkins:
– Linen Tablecloth:
– Wooden Bowls:
– Wooden Vase:
– Wooden Grazing Board:
– Wooden Napkin Rings:
– Preworn Site:
– Birkentstocks:
– Uniqlo Trousers:
– Suede Bag:

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I hope you enjoy this weekly vlog!

Linen napkins:
Linen tablecloth:
Wooden Bowls:
Wooden vase:
Wooden Grazing Board:
Wooden napkin rings:
Preworn site:
Uniqlo Trousers:
Suede Bag:

* AD – affiliate links
Description box may contain affiliate links.Xxx

My Depop:

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  1. Love your blogs! Maybe you can get one small box ( that fits into the drawer) and stick your everyday skincare / makeup so you can pick up the box in and out so all the mess stays on the box and it's easier to organise!

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