What Women Can Learn from Tomi Lahren’s Controversial Statement: “Men Are Trash” ©

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Written by Kevin Samuels


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  1. Quite frankly if someone talked to me like this I wouldn't want to commit either and if her friends are the same way its no big surprise they're having issues.
    She keeps circling back to making money and having a successful career. It all sounds very shallow and lacks any substance.

  2. It's crazy, she admits that's her X (mind you X!) fiance was a wonderful man, and all the things she said didn't apply to him. How ironic, she and her friends can't find a man yet she had a wonderful man by her side and didn't end un marrying him as well. Even if Super Man was real, he wouldn't even have a shot with "ladies" like her and her friends.

  3. Damn! I stumbled on this video accidentally. As Ms. Lahren began her grating diatribe of demands on men my remote control batteries died. It was the most exquisite torture to have to listen to this raving tnuC while fumbling to get fresh batteries into my remote so I could MUTE this tnuC! And then change the video to ANYTHING but this tnuC!

  4. Why have her on here "teaching" black women,and her relationship (s) haven't worked out? Kinda like telling a recovering alcoholic to walk away from drinking, but you have a whole boatload of alcohol in your cabinet!

  5. Tomi can be herself all by herself. What I don’t hear from her is a paradigm of serving others while at the same time she demands that of men in general.
    Women like Tomi are a dime-a-dozen.

  6. Her rant sounds like the issues of a woman going after super attractive men who have several women competing for them. She needs to say what her type of man is. I can guarantee he has to be over 5'10" make six figures or more and do everything she wants to do, while only doing the things he likes every so often, which is taking away what brings him peace. I'm 5'8" make six figures and have an athletic physique but I can't get a woman to give me a chance if my life depends on it. I will not tell them my income. These women don't want love, they want a retirement program and the super attractive men that have it all have figured it out and they're playing them, like they deserve.

  7. Damn…just seen this…I was a huge Tomi fan before I saw this. Yikes. Alot of immaturity here. OMG. I am sickened by her ego…damn. She is a nasty woman now..50 years of that??? Fuq that!!

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