When to tip according to Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer

**SUMMARY: Restaurateur Danny Meyer believes tipping is unnecessary for takeout and coffee purchases.** Meyer, the founder of Shake Shack and Union Square Hospitality Group, stated that tipping is not obligatory for quick transactions. However, the rise of point-of-sale systems prompting tips has led to confusion among customers. Some advocacy groups, such as One Fair Wage, advocate for the elimination of tipping due to its negative impact on income stability and potential for discrimination. President Joe Biden has also pledged to end the tipped wage. Meyer has had a complex relationship with tipping, initially eliminating it in his restaurants to address income disparities but later reversing the decision during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the increasing adoption of Square’s and Toast’s point-of-sale systems, more customers are encountering tipping prompts during their transactions. These prompts have become more common in various businesses, creating a situation where customers may feel unsure about the appropriate amount to tip. As a result, tipping practices have come under scrutiny and have become a topic of discussion in the restaurant industry.

Advocacy groups like One Fair Wage are advocating for the elimination of the tipped wage system. They argue that tipping leads to income instability for servers and can contribute to issues such as sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Supporters of changing the current system believe that a higher base wage would ensure fair compensation for workers and eliminate the need for relying on tips.

President Joe Biden made a campaign promise to end the tipped wage system. If fulfilled, this pledge would have significant implications for the service industry. It aligns with the efforts of advocacy groups to eliminate tipping and establish a fairer wage structure. Several states, including California, have already taken steps to ban the tipped wage, signaling a potential shift towards a more equitable system nationwide.

Danny Meyer has had a complicated relationship with tipping in his restaurants. In 2015, he made headlines by announcing that his establishments would no longer accept tips. This decision aimed to address income disparities between servers and kitchen staff. However, in response to the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Meyer reversed the no-tipping policy. He cited the importance of allowing servers to accept gratuities as an expression of gratitude during an extraordinarily difficult time.

The debate surrounding tipping continues to evolve, with various stakeholders expressing their perspectives. Danny Meyer’s position on tipping for takeout and coffee purchases highlights the nuanced nature of the issue. While some customers may appreciate the convenience of tipping prompts, others find it confusing. Advocacy groups and political figures are calling for the elimination of the tipped wage system, citing its negative consequences. As the discussion persists, the future of tipping in the service industry remains uncertain.

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