Why I Left the City for the Countryside || A Coffee with María Paulina

**Title: Why I Decided to Move to the Countryside | Living a Life of Happiness and Fulfillment**

**Overview:** In this video, María Paulina shares her personal journey and the reasons behind her decision to move to the countryside. She reflects on her childhood memories and the deep longing she always felt for a connection with nature. Despite growing up in the city, María discovered that living in harmony with the land brought her a sense of peace and freedom. Join her as she explores the fulfillment and happiness she found in embracing a life in the countryside.


Welcome to my channel! I’m María Paulina, and in this video, I delve into the details of why I made the life-changing decision to move to the countryside. Join me as I share the moments and experiences that led me to this path of happiness and contentment. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Growing up, I was fortunate to come from an economically privileged background. Surrounded by material abundance, I never lacked anything. However, deep within me, I always felt a profound connection to the countryside. Even as a child, visiting farms or hearing the word “campo” awakened a sense of longing within me. Little did I know that this longing would shape the course of my life.

My journey began in the city, where I got married and settled into a career in education. As time went on, my desire to live in the countryside grew stronger, but I couldn’t fathom how to make it a reality. With a young daughter to raise and work commitments, the idea of leaving the city seemed impossible. However, I knew that denying my true calling would only lead to unhappiness and a sense of living an unfulfilled life.

Despite the challenges, I focused on finding joy in what I had: a beautiful daughter and the opportunity to shape young minds through my teaching. Every day, I shared meaningful connections with my students, creating a nurturing environment for learning and personal growth. These experiences brought me immense happiness, and I cherished the bond I cultivated with my students.

However, life took an unexpected turn when my daughter became a victim of bullying at school. This heartbreaking situation led me to make the difficult decision to withdraw her from the traditional education system. I will explore this topic more extensively in an upcoming video. As we relocated to another city, the challenges continued, adding to our emotional turmoil.

Amidst the turmoil, I began to prioritize self-reflection and self-care. It was a pivotal moment when I turned my attention inward, focusing on loving myself and embracing my true calling. Through this transformative process, I encountered wise teachings and spiritual enlightenment that resonated deep within my soul. I discovered a profound connection to nature—an essential part of who I am.

During this introspection, I wrote my first novel—a story deeply rooted in the countryside and the peacefulness that accompanies it. It was as if my journey mirrored the one I was writing about. I became determined to bring my dream of living in the countryside to life, trusting that the universe would align the hows and whys.

I spent countless hours on Google, searching for rustic cabins in beautiful rural settings. Each image fuelled my desire to live immersed in nature. Then, one day, a serendipitous encounter changed everything. The father of my daughter’s friend mentioned a place where they had been living—a place that embodied all the qualities I longed for.

Enthusiastically, I took the opportunity to visit this place, and it instantly felt like home. I had finally found my sanctuary—a place where I could breathe, be free, and find peace. Without hesitation, I committed to embracing a life in the countryside, despite not having any expertise in working the land. My role would be to fully embrace and cherish the natural surroundings, allowing them to envelop me in their embrace.

Today, as I reflect on my decision to move to the countryside, I am more convinced than ever that it was the path my soul had chosen. Living in harmony with nature has brought me abundant joy, and I am eternally grateful to have materialized my dreams.

If you’re seeking inspiration or considering a life outside the bustling city, this video is for you. Discover how fulfilling and transformative it can be to listen to your heart’s desires and embrace the tranquility of country living. Sit back, relax, and allow me to take you on a journey of self-discovery and happiness amidst the vast natural beauty of the countryside.

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Hola. En este video comparto contigo algunos detalles acerca de por qué decido irme a vivir al campo. Que lo disfrutes. Un beso.

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  1. Que compartir más rico🙂.A mi también se me metió en la cabeza vivir en el campo, después de 10 años me atreví y empecé de cero a construirla y todo se me a dado con facilidad,tanto los recursos económicos como la ayuda física,muuucho trabajo pero como me gusta compensa.Llevo casi 3 años y esta tierra me nutre literalmente,alimenta mi cuerpo,me da refugió a mí y a mis animales y es mi sueño realizado.Creo que lo que está para uno nadie te lo quita lo único que hay que hacer es no ponernos obstáculos para que impida que suceda😅

  2. Yo extraño vivir en mi finca ya no la tengo , me da mucha tristeza pero así es la vida ahora vivo en la ciudad bueno es un Valle pero nd que ver donde yo vivía pura naturaleza , nunca me daba una gripe o una enfermedad , nd de eso yo en el campo vivía súper bien 😢

  3. Belleza de lectura ❤️ personal…yo estoy en des camino…. llego el tiempo de soltar este trabajo y casa al mismo tiempo…ya no tengo nada que ofrecer …solo disfruto el lugar y agradecer hasta un nuevo comienzo!!!. gracias gracias gracias por compartir ❤️ abrazo grande para ti 🥰 desde Argentina 🇦🇷🦋🦋🦋…

  4. Hola preciosa. En el vídeo con Noa nombró que usted estuvo un tiempo trabajando con el ordenador y eso le llevo a que su tiempo fuese muy enfocado a eso. Trabajo con Network marketing y me gustaría que contarse su experiencia. Porque el alma me pide desconectar de las redes, y conectar conmigo misma. Un saludo, dios las bendiga

  5. me encantó tu video.. de pequeña pase mis vacaciones en el campo con mis abuelos.. no hay ningún citio que me haga vibrar y que me sienta tan plena que cuando estoy en el campo.. miro y miro posibilidades de dar el paso de mudarme pero tengo una niña pequeña de 5 años que no puedo aislar de esa forma.. me siento responsable de su felicidad más que de la mía. En algún momento se que se va a cumplir y tendré paciencia..tengo una familia hermosa y un trabajo que me gusta, encontraré la manera de acercarme al campo lo más que pueda y disfrutaré de lo que tengo hasta llegar el momento de encontrar ese citio que yo pueda sentir que pertenezco

  6. Te mando un abrazatote bien grande maria paulina soy de puerto rico soy cristiana voy a la iglesia y me gusta tu espiritualidad tan positiva cuidate mucho me saludas a nova bye god blessing. Chao.😚💋💋💚💜💜🌺🌻🪴🍀🌴🌳🌿🌾🌵🌷🌹🦋🐛

  7. Me gustaría vivir en el campo que donde me.rodee la vegetación y las aves y animalitos a y que no allan vecinos problemáticos ni guardia de seguridad que me este vigilando. Cuando la gente te vigilan la espalda de uno sin uno mirar se siente ese pensamiento pésimo. Hay no es horrible.

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