William Calvert, the Designer of Callula Lillibelle, is Interviewed by Afingo

**Designer William Calvert: Inspired by Mad Men for Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 Callula Lillibelle Collections**

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Welcome to the showroom of William Calvert, the talented designer and one of the partners behind the renowned fashion brand, Columbus Lilly Dell. In this exciting interview, Calvert takes us on a journey through his inspiration for the Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 Callula Lillibelle collections.

As a designer, Calvert draws inspiration from the iconic TV show, Mad Men. The concept behind Callula Lillibelle is the fusion of contemporary fashion with a “desk to dinner” approach. Calvert shares his passion for capturing the decadence and sophistication of the show, transforming it into a collection that is effortlessly stylish and accessible.

With the Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 collections, Calvert successfully retains the polished aesthetic of Mad Men while infusing a playful and flirtatious vibe. Emphasizing his design philosophy, Calvert explains, “It should be hot, sexy, and you shouldn’t go home!”

Influenced by his recent trip to Barbados, Calvert introduces tropical elements to the mix, creating a unique blend of sensuality and glamorous allure. By maintaining a balance between timeless elegance and contemporary trends, he ensures that his collections appeal to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts.

Experience the magic of William Calvert’s vision firsthand as he unveils his Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 Callula Lillibelle collections. Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview with the designer shaping the future of fashion.

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Designer William Calvert walks us through his showroom and discusses his Mad Men inspiration for the Fall 2010 and Resort 2010 Callula Lillibelle collections.
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