Wine Pairings with Girl Scout Cookies by a Hawai‘i Sommelier

**Senia Wine Director Chris Ramelb Explores Delicious Wine Pairings for Girl Scout Cookies**

Welcome to the world of wine pairing with Girl Scout cookies! In this video, Chris Ramelb, the wine director at Senia, takes us on a delightful journey of combining six delectable cookies with carefully selected wines.

Growing up, Girl Scout cookies were a cherished part of Chris’s life, evoking memories of sneaking frozen Thin Mints and enjoying them with his father. Now, as an adult, he is excited to explore the intersection of his childhood favorites with his passion for wine.

For the first pairing, Chris pairs the classic shortbread cookies with a light and bubbly Moscato. The effervescence of the wine helps to enhance the texture of the dense cookie, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Next, we delve into the world of s’mores, a treat synonymous with campfires. To complement the smokiness of the s’mores, Chris selects a wine with a hint of vanilla notes derived from oak. The richness and sweetness of this wine perfectly complement the iconic Tagalongs, creating a delightful peanut butter and jelly sandwich effect.

Moving on, Chris introduces a slightly fizzy wine with a pronounced sweetness and aroma of candied strawberries. This versatile wine pairs splendidly with almost any dessert, including the creamy caramel delights of Samoas.

Not to leave out our beer enthusiasts, Chris acknowledges that beer can be an excellent choice for food pairing. The bubbles in beer create a unique textural experience that complements the flakiness of coconut, making it a perfect match for the classic Girl Scout coconut cookies. Chris delights in pairing a Great Lay beer with this cookie, emphasizing the dominant pineapple flavors reminiscent of a refreshing piña colada.

Finally, we reach the iconic Thin Mints, loved by all. To enhance their lighter milk chocolate taste, Chris suggests a beer crafted using cocoa beans. This alternative to regular baking chocolate gives the beer a unique profile that perfectly complements the delightful Thin Mints.

So join Chris Ramelb on this delightful journey of combining the beloved Girl Scout cookies with carefully selected wines and beers. Experience the harmonious symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more. Cheers and happy pairing!

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Original Video Transcript from Senia Wine Director Chris Ramelb’s YouTube video.

Senia wine director Chris Ramelb pairs six Girl Scout cookies with wine. Learn more: Bates

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