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**Title:** “Carinhoso & Isabela Capeto: A Dreamy Collection for Fashionkids”

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Discover the magic of a collaboration between fashion brand Carinhoso and renowned Brazilian designer Isabela Capeto. In this exclusive launch for the Alto-Verão 2013, you will witness the creativity and inspiration behind the collection, as Isabela Capeto shares her personal childhood memories and the magical world of fantasy that she imagined as a child.

Throughout the video, you will see how Isabela Capeto infused her signature style with the playful and romantic spirit of Carinhoso, resulting in an unforgettable collection for both children and parents who are looking for unique and stylish fashion.

The collection features pastel colors, sweet and dreamy designs, and an overall feeling of warmth and joy that perfectly represents the Carinhoso brand. By watching this video, you will not only get a glimpse of the magic behind the scenes but also learn how to style your kids in a trendy, yet comfortable way for the summer.

Don’t miss a chance to explore this exclusive collection from Carinhoso and Isabela Capeto. Visit our website [here]( to shop the collection and follow us on [Facebook]( to stay updated on the latest fashion trends for kids.

Imagine combinar toda a sofisticação da Carinhoso com o talento de Isabela Capeto, uma das estilistas mais famosas do Brasil? O resultado é uma coleção inesquecível. Lançamento exclusivo de Alto-Verão 2013, este filme retrata a inspiração e o envolvimento da estilista em todo o processo de criação. Acesse: Acesse também o nosso facebook e saiba de todas as novidades da Carinhoso:
Isabela Capeto

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