Yaya Deng presents Westfield Autumn/Winter 16: Embrace Your Narrative

**Title: Yaya Deng’s Fashion Journey: Own Your Story | Westfield Autumn/Winter 2016 Style Ambassador**


In this inspiring fashion film, Yaya Deng, renowned actress and model, reveals the role fashion played in her personal journey. She imparts valuable advice to her younger self, based on the lessons she has learned throughout her career.

Yaya showcases the latest fashion trends for Autumn/Winter, donning pieces from renowned designers including Willow, Dion Lee, adidas, and Jo Mercer. Westfield, a leading fashion curator, brings the best seasonal fashion under one roof, ensuring everyone can find their perfect style.

If you’re ready to own your story this Autumn/Winter, search for inspiration at [Westfield Fashion](, where you can explore over 220,000 products from Australia’s favorite brands. Discover your individuality through fashion!

Remember, we all have advice for our younger selves. Share your story to inspire others to own their narrative. Join the conversation using #OwnYourStory and let’s celebrate the power of fashion and personal style.

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[Dai oh when you’re young feeling different makes you panic but when you’re older that’s what sets you apart there’ll be times when the world makes you think that you can’t be a model don’t listen be beautiful be intelligent you can be both we determined to have your own look if He dressed like everyone else he may as well stay in your school uniform all your life they want to be a journalist or an actor or model remember you can be anything you you . Your ultimate goal is to](source)

Westfield Autumn/Winter 2016 Style Ambassador, actress and model, Yaya Deng, explores the role that fashion plays in her own personal journey, giving advice to her younger self in a short film: Own Your Story.

‘Own Your Story’ looks to inspire shoppers to embrace their individuality and express themselves through style. The film shows a more personal side to Yaya as she shares advice with her 10 year old self, based on lessons she’s learned and can reflect on now as an adult.

Showcasing a selection of this season’s key pieces, Yaya wears Willow, Dion Lee, adidas and Jo Mercer. All from the new season’s collections, Westfield curates the season’s best fashion under one roof, so that you can find fashion that fits your style.

Own your story this Autumn/Winter. Search and be inspired at and shop over 220,000 products from Australia’s favourite brands from Westfield.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Share to inspire others to own their story and join the conversation #OwnYourStoryHayley Elsaesser

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