YSL Makeup by Ossiel Ramos at Backstage Elle México Diseña 2012

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In this exciting video, Ossiel Ramos shares with us the two stunning looks that will make an appearance in the final runway show. Prepare to be captivated by the transition from a vibrant orange to a sultry burnt red. All products used in this mesmerizing makeup session are from the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent collection.

Explore the world of Guapología as renowned makeup artist Ossiel Ramos takes us behind the scenes of the Elle México Diseña event. Witness the transformation of our beautiful models into radiant visions of artistry.

This backstage glimpse into the world of haute couture will leave you inspired and eager to experiment with your own makeup creations. Immerse yourself in the mastery of Ossiel Ramos and get ready to embrace the allure of YSL.

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Ossiel Ramos nos explica cuáles serán los dos looks que aparecerán en el desfile final. Comienza por un naranja y termina con un rojo quemado. Todos los productos son de Yves Saint Laurent

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